Can you give me a Story Starter?

Story Starters and Writing Prompts
Story Starters and Writing Prompts

I need to start on a project that involves writing a story based on a story starter, much like my series during the A to Z Challenge. I’ve googled and looked at books, but I find that the best story starters come from people, because nothing beats real life.

So would you be kind enough to donate me a phrase/ sentence to start off my story? If the project works out, I’ll credit you with the inspiration, and send you the good fairies.

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  1. sarinalangerwriter

    This is an awesome idea, I may to borrow it for my own projects ^^
    As for starters…

    John let his hand shake across his stomach, feeling the fresh flesh wound which was losing far too much blood, as he wondered when exactly his life had began to go so wrong.

  2. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    well well 🙂 wish i was that inspiring he he he he..

    I woke up to a open window.. cool breeze flowing making the curtain swish in and out of the window along with the breeze ………….

  3. matt

    “So,” he thought: “Sandra is cheating on me again. But this time, with my so-called best friend. Interesting…”

  4. susanroebuck

    This is a good idea! I need often need a prompt to get me going…umm…There are days when life seems like it’ll never be the same again. Howzzat?

  5. carolynpageabc

    The pain in his jaw bone gave cause for alarm….
    This is fun…! I’m looking forward to see what you do with one of these… not necessarily mine… 😉 Have fun…

  6. Arlee Bird

    “I need to clean my closet, but I’m afraid to open it.”

    Okay, so it’s a snippet of my real life.


  7. Sherri Gallant

    She longed to know from whom her cheekbones and belligerent curls arose, since she looked nothing like her parents.

    • Damyanti

      Thanks, Wodke. I’m getting spoilt for choice now, but I think I might just do a series out of these. All I need now are some image prompts, and I’ll be ready to go!

  8. rick mobbs

    One day while I was walking through the woods I saw a house… (Broadus, turned 13 today, on Halloween))

    Elephants do walk on their toes. (Robin, age 17)

    That afternoon when mom came home from the races she parked the car in the garage, walked out in the back yard, and called me. (Naomi, mi esposa, mi mujer)

    A butterfly turned into a school bus. (Ada, age 4)

    What was I going to do about his bird? (Rick, age 317 )

    • Damyanti

      Rick, they’re all lovely! Welcome back :). From you, may I ask for an art-prompt, like the way you used to give me, years ago?