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The AtoZChallenge April Blogging Team Announcement!

Two years ago, I discovered the A to Z Blogging Challenge by accident. I completed the challenge in 2011, even wrote a book based on the posts. I co-hosted it in 2012, and am back again co-hosting in 2013. This challenge has helped my blog grow, and I hope it does the same to everyone…

Desperate in Dubai

This is the story of four women and their somewhat interconnected lives. Lady Luxe, a Dubai heiress; Leila, an opportunistic social climber; Nadia, a betrayed wife, and Sugar, a victim of tragic circumstances. Of these, the most interesting is definitely Lady Luxe, who leads a double life, one as burkha-wearing traditional daughter of the family with a fashion business, and the other as a hedonist, no stranger to alcohol, men, and high jinks. Her voice is also the most powerful.