Daydreaming Instead of Writing around Angkor Wat

I haven’t written much in the past few days, but I’m happy. This is unusual. But as you can see from the pics, there has been much to see and remember during my trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I’ll be back to regular posting, especially the A to Z Challenge Sign-up list, in the coming week.

In the meanwhile I’ll just post a few more pictures, and go back to daydreaming about the things I’ve seen in the past week.

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    • Damyanti

      I'm back doing the A to Z thing, Rosalind. Thanks also for the guest post on the AZ blog. We need more AZ survivors to post for us.

  1. Rena

    Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures. Ankor Wat is incredible. It's definitely on my list of places I'd like to visit someday.

  2. That corgi :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog (a bench with a view) and your kind comment. Beautiful area of Cambodia; probably will never get there to visit, so thank you for sharing your pictures of your visit there!


    • Damyanti

      Hi Betty, it was a pleasure. Cambodia has its beauties, and its ugliness (at one time, the number of active landmines in the country far exceeded its population). I chose to wear tinted glasses, and look only at the beauty.

  3. klahanie

    Hi Damyanti,

    And may your daydreaming bring peaceful, positive thoughts. And with grateful thanks, I immerse myself in those wondrous photos. Cambodia has an alluring ambience.


    • Damyanti

      Hi Gary, thanks for your wishes. Cambodia does have great atmosphere, but I think it is mostly ruined by too many tourists.

  4. LuAnn Braley

    Following in preparation for the A to Z Challenge in April. Looking foward to the sign-up post going live on Wednesday.

    I'd find it hard to write in the surroundings shown in your photo too … unless I was spending a week, or a month there.

  5. Jo

    Always thought this was a fascinating place, would love to visit, but doubt I ever will now. Wonderful photos.