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  1. Trisha F

    I don't really have thoughts on what it means, except that I love water and can sit by a river or ocean and be mesmerised for a long time 🙂 I think I'm more mesmerised by skies though!

  2. G Angela

    I love waters, and have always enjoyed playing in the water and later on I learnt to swim, water to be resembles, freshness, life, cleansing and refreshing and ofcourse flowing. Lovely post! enjoyed reading and thanks for sharing

  3. Namrota

    To me, "Be like water" is to be transparent, serene, life giver… it means to flow, with no fear of rocky paths or any twist and turns.

    Btw, A-Z theme is interesting.

  4. Priyanka Dey

    The picture plus the title wrap up the essence beautifully.!:)
    And I being a bengali have a special fascination for the name of your blog…Amloki!

  5. Misha Gericke

    Love the photo. The red brick house just catches the eye. To me, being like water means resting resting if I have to, but if I move, nothing stands in my way.

  6. Sharon

    Great lateral thinking.

    To me, this picture says a lot – calming,reflective,tranquil,rushing and disturbed to mention a few words that come to mind.

  7. Cynthia

    Lovely image. I think the saying is encouraging us to stay true to our core properties even if we have to undergo changes. What makes water unique from many substances is that it can come in solid, liquid, or gas form, and yet it's still water.

  8. madhaus burbed

    Thanks for visiting my blog! But we don't sell real estate. We point and laugh at it.

    I like what you're doing with the inspirational images for your A-Z here.

  9. AmitAag

    Fluid and flexible..downward and moving!
    Marvelous idea, Damyanty, wordless is always more powerful!
    Hearty congrats…a terrific post!

  10. Ruchira

    Looking forward to all the picure posts from you ! Water – specially the pic you have posted teaches me to be calm andf peaceful as well as flexible – After all it adopts to any container we put it in !

  11. karn anupam

    Being like water is inspired with liquid frame of mind. One can always find a way despite all the hurdles ahead keeping the energy level up!

  12. Afshan

    Be like water – water just keeps flowing , adapts to all the conditions and flows through narrow crevices or falls free from up above the hill !!
    This pic serenity , peace , adaptability
    Loved it 🙂

  13. Julia Phillips Smith

    Being a seaside dweller, I cannot do without water. Preferably the ocean, but I also love lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, even swimming pools and fountains. The energy that emanates from water is almost mesmerizing for me. Definitely renewing on a primal level. 'Be Like Water' for me evokes activating a power that can take out a town in a flood, or wear a hole in stone one drop at a time.

  14. Suzy

    So many things come to mind with this:
    Go with the flow – my favourite mantra
    Be adaptable
    And this quote – “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins; not through strength, but through persistence.”

  15. candacegauger

    This makes me think about the meanings behind the element of water. Water flows and constantly changes. It's associated with people willing to change without question, laid back and friendly.

    But, water can be dangerous. It engulfs you and takes away the air that we breathe. It becomes solid when frozen, making people who associate with this element hard to anger, but when they do, it can be something to be wary of.

    Many consider water to be the element of healers. Healers constantly change, taking a sick person to health, or raise your consciousness higher with the proper materials. But, it would be insane to make a healer angry with the knowledge they possess. Just as it would be dangerous to tread on ice when you don't know if it's thin or thick.

    Of course, I just went on a ramble here. >.< Interesting post to be sure.

  16. Rena

    I go back and forth about this one. Partly because water gets no shape of its own and may only fill. It does not remember that it has carved mountains, but that doesn't diminish the power of the waves as they break the shore. In short, I'm not sure I could ever be patient like a pool of water, and certainly never on demand like the water in my tap, but a river? I could be a river.

  17. miss uncertain

    Water takes the shape of its container, it is transparent, it goes with the flow, it is a cycle. It adapts.

    I love your posts! It gives me time to contemplate. And these are beautiful pictures too! 🙂

  18. klahanie

    Two energy forces flowing as one. Your photo reminds me of a place I recently visited in Wales 🙂 I love your theme, my friend.


  19. J.L. Campbell

    Your picture bring the contrasts of life alive. I get a sense of tranquility from the water above and then turbulence from the waters below.

  20. Sarah Seeley

    Be like water.

    Calm, cleansing, pure are all thoughts that come to mind when I think of water.

    I love how you've made your posts interactive and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with the rest of the A-to-Z challenge.

    Slithers of Thought (WR)

  21. Andi-Roo TheWorldForRealz

    Forward motion, adaptability, go with the flow… all lessons I could stand to learn! Thanks for an introspective post – amazing how probing this phrase and accompanying image are, considering the size of the post! (And that's a compliment, BTW!) Great entry, D.! 🙂

  22. Kirsty

    I love this theme and both your water images so far. To me Be Like Water means flexibility, ebb and flow, building up power and trickling through, keeping going. In Occupational Therapy there has been developed a conceptual model of practice called the Kawa River model that uses the metaphor of a river to describe your life – you might like it http://kawamodel.com/

  23. Madeline Jane

    Be like water – I like it! I suppose it means to keep on moving. The moment you stop, everything clogs up and becomes disgusting and stagnant.

  24. ermurray

    I love this approach – great idea. Be Like water… something I wholeheartedly agree with. The sea automatically springs to mid – it's so powerful, beautiful, changeable, fluid, calming, dangerous, unexplored, surprising. Doesn't that embody life? It certainly embodies how I'd like to approach my writing.

  25. Vidya Sury

    Excellent idea of going wordless, Damyanti. Be like water is a powerful phrase! Thank you. I am looking forward to a visual treat all April!

  26. J Hanna

    Water is very pure, and makes me feel relaxed. This is Julia from sweetbearieart.com, by the way. I am glad to see you are participating in the A to Z challenge.

  27. Maria Dunn

    Hi Damyanti, I love this idea for A to Z and this photo. This photo of water displays both the peace of water and the power of water so it gives one a good deal to contemplate. "Be like water" gives one a great deal to think about as well. Water can give life or death. It can be refreshing or dangerous. It can renew, restore, relax, or something quite different. I prefer to consider being like water in all the positive ways, to cleanse, to empower, to hydrate, oh one can find so much in water. Thanks for getting me thinking. God bless, Maria from Delight Directed Living

  28. Fida Islaih

    Like water it continues to flow no matter what is in the way. We should be like that or at least try. Thanks for another inspiring phrase!

  29. sharmila k

    A tasteless,colourless elixir,adapts to the surroundings,stays contained in any shape it is in..Yet it never loses its identity,its flow.
    If it wasn't so difficult,I would love to be as unique as water and yet blend in..

  30. Dino

    What a great way to do the challenge.

    I love the thought of being like water which has so many different characteristics depending upon the environment it find itself.

  31. Charity Bradford

    What a great image and thing to contemplate. To me, water is so simple and yet complex. It can be a strong force or a gentle stream. It is life and yet it can take it away too. To be like water means we need to find our inner strength and know when to be strong, when to be gentle, when to give and when to take. It's the whole circle of life idea really.