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  1. Kittie Howard

    I've seen this scene many times in my travels. For many, many people, everyday life is very difficult. Monsanto, the giant agriculture company, is making it worse through various means whereby small farmers can't save seedlings for the next year.

  2. Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca

    I love phrases, Damyanti (from Lao Tzu or otherwise) – and I'm glad I swung by to check this one out 🙂

    Everyday Life Is The Way feels like it can be read a few ways.

    As in

    Every, day… life is the way.
    Everydaylife, is THE way.
    or, of course,
    Every day life is the way.

    Anyway, regardless of how it's emphsized, to me it's kinda the same as "live in the moment", as each and every day, all we have is that day, and "life" is basically a bunch of those days in a row.


    Keep ryzin'!

  3. Pam Williams

    So much of what I write about is everyday life. I was inspired to write by Gladys Tabor's books. Taber wrote about her everyday life in such a way that made me read every book she ever wrote!

  4. Kristen Dyrr

    To me, it means that being happy in the moment is important. If you chase after too many big moments in your life, you no longer savor life in general.

    The A to Z blog said in the latest post to add a link to your own A to Z blog in the comments, so here's mine: kristenhead.blogspot.com

  5. Hunter Emkay

    I'm enjoying your choice of images on these posts. Sometimes they spur me into further thoughts, sometimes they simply tell the story I've already got in mind.

  6. klahanie

    And sustenance from the earth brings sustenance to others through the back-breaking work of the poor yet dedicated.

    Have a peaceful, positive weekend, my friend.


  7. Sumita Pai

    What a beautiful thought…to go wordless for an entire month. So far I have only come across Wordless Wednesdays. Always been an irregular blogger over the years and have about 3-4 different blogs. For all that writing, one picture can say so much more. Great theme! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  8. Angela Brown

    Looking at this photo, I'm drawn in different directions. I can see the inspiration for paying better attention to the little things. I can also see that everyday life can sometimes be a trudge through the much and the grime, but it too is part of everyday life. The end I see from either direction is the focus to work hard in every day life.

  9. Julie Jordan Scott

    I am always finding inspiration in the everyday – there is so much richness when we open our eyes to it. I'm so glad to have popped over here – the image you shared is so everyday for you, perhaps, but for me it is completely outside the realm of my everyday. I like to take photos of farming and agriculture here in Central California… I wonder how my everyday would love different than yours?

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    Julie Jordan Scott
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  10. Ornery's Wife

    I think we can spend a great deal of time and energy "waiting" for the next big event/holiday/experience and forget to look at the every day events that make up our lives. It is sort of "stop and smell the roses" in my mind. Happy E day, and may your every day life be filled with joy!