Soft and Yielding is a Disciple of Life

For all of April, I’m going wordless for the A to Z Challenge.

The title of each post is a phrase/ sentence that inspires me as a
writer, and below is a picture I think best embodies it. In the
comments, I invite you to discuss what the phrase means to you, as a person, a
reader, or whatever other role you might choose for yourself in life.

Soft and Yielding is a Disciple of Life Image via Inarizoo

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  1. Brajadulal Patnaik

    When I was a kid, my grandmother usually told me that after a storm, the small grass which is soft and yielding survives, but the proud palm tree falls down.

  2. kiwigal007

    loved your kitty cat picture… soft and provoking? mmmm that certainly has me thinking thats for sure. The picture is beautifully captured with cat doing what comes naturally to them. When I look at the picture I see the cat in a playful pose, perhaps its a kitten who has yet to grow up or perhaps its a cat that has been around a long time enjoying a moment of passion while caught on camera and in the warmth in the sun? Whatever it is, I like it and I love the way this post has grabbed many others attention. It gives us something to think about thats for sure! 🙂

  3. Rhonda Erb

    Well, a disciple is a follower or student. In that respect, soft and yielding can mean teachable. If I look at the picture, though, I just think cuddly. LOL Upon closer reflection though, soft and yielding is the cat—the opposite of rigid and immovable. Rigid and immovable wouldn't make for a very good disciple of life. 🙂

  4. Imogen Elvis

    Soft and yielding says to me that a person is approachable, loveable, and will give in to other people's wishes, but is not afraid to stand up to people. They just like to let other people have their choice. And that cat says wickedness to me. He looks so cute, but you can't trust a cat!

  5. Lynn(e) Schmidt

    If this kitty is anything like my sister's it looks soft and adorable, and like you're allowed to rub its belly, but as soon as you try, it attacks!

    None the less, I love the idea for our A to Z Challenge. And I love the kitty picture.

  6. ~Brandy~

    What a great idea for posts! Thanks for stopping by my R is for Reading post. If I didn't love reading, I definitely wouldn't be doing my English Master's that's for sure.

    So what does your phrase make me think of – I guess I would have to say that it makes me think that one has to choose one's battles. Sometimes yielding to the other person is worth more than the fight.

    Cheers from Brandy at

  7. sharmila k

    Readiness to adapt to life's many challenges is being soft and yielding. Accommodating to others' beliefs is soft and yielding.

  8. LinWash

    That says to me: "See I can be vulnerable. And I'm soft." I can't help thinking of some of the characters in my WIP and also relationships in my life. 🙂

  9. Summer Ross

    Super cute picture. Soft and yielding in life- I envision that to be the part where you be kind to others and show support as well as compromise.