Is ‘Image’ the New ‘Word’?

Of all the social media, Instagram and Pinterest have never caught on with me.

I’d rather stick to the word rather than the image for communication. When I travel, I still like to talk about it on Daily (w)rite. The images are accompaniment to the words– a secondary item, not the focus, at least in my book.

Which is why this article made me sit up and read:

 The image. Ours is a world where the ability to communicate doesn’t
require anything more than rudimentary reading and writing. And, in
fact, sounds and pictures can do the job just as well.And given time
constraints today, perhaps better. This is what virtual reality has
wrought.The image is the new word. Don’t send a message expressing your
emotion, send an image representing the idea.

I like photographs and photography, don’t get me wrong, but I love the ‘word’. I like how words play to my imagination, I like how I can use words to play around in the imagination of my readers.  The article ends on this note:

Perhaps what Stendhal once said about writing, that its purpose is to
hold a mirror to the world, is no longer appropriate (especially as
smartphone screens reflect better). However, maybe the wordsmith now
must traverse in those subterranean places that the image dares not go
because it is simply too dark to take pictures there.

What about you? Are you in love with the word? Are you an ‘image’ person or a ‘word’ person?

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  1. Jocelyn Rish

    I'm definitely a word person. I do like looking at images, and they can be powerful, but they can't usually carry the nuance that words can.

  2. Deniz Bevan

    Oh, I'm definitely a word person. Even the loveliest image can't replace the delightful feeling of language, and well-phrased sentences, that roll off the tongue – or pen!

  3. L. Diane Wolfe

    I'm both to a degree, but probably more of a visual person. I've actually had a Deviant Art account for years and while I posted some of my writing, mostly it was for my photos.

  4. Nick Wilford

    Definitely more of a word person. Films of books etc are never the same as how I have imagined them. At the same time I appreciate good art (because I'm not any good at it!)

  5. J.L. Campbell

    Definitely love the written word, but someone on a loop I lurk around suggested an image-based promo that I'm thinking about seriously. Images help me when trying to visualize characters and their surroundings.

  6. Sheena-kay Graham

    I'm a word person who uses images as a backdrop. I am a fan of Pinterest and that's because I use the images to help bring my words to life not replace them. But Instagram never caught me. A comedian once said Instagram is the twitter for people who can't read. I won't diss people but it's not for me.

  7. D.G. Hudson

    That excerpt sounds like it was written by an inexperienced person, who can process images, but 'heavens, don't make me think'.

    Images can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the individual's experiences. I do use images when I write blogs, but in my novels, it's all about the word. My images enhance the writing, not replace the writing.

    There's always another expert to tell us the right way to do everything – their way.

  8. Tara Tyler

    words evoke images and leave the reader open to imagine more than a limited image!

    great thought provoking question!

    and i have to mention, "imagers" are futuristic gadgets in my book, pop travel! ha!