Are you kind to yourself?

I’ve let things be the last few weeks, not worried over words, just relaxed into whatever came to me, be it baking a cake, or playing with colors on the page. I find colors excite me almost as much as words. I’ve been drawing a fair bit, as a result.

 And then I’ve picked up the pen when the page spoke to me– pretty happy with the words I wrote.
My motto for the coming week? Be kind to yourself.

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  1. Bhavya

    Unless and until we are kind and love ourselves, it is unfair to expect it from others. Such an important point yet so many people forget it!

  2. Pradip Biswas

    There is a soul inside you who owns the body and all the limbs so that the soul can feel all the worldly feeling. Whatever the soul desires for do that may be you please the god only.

  3. klahanie

    Dear Damyanti,

    That's the spirit, my human friend. Just go along with the gentle ambience of an environment that you can feel relaxed with. And thus, the words doth flow and your heart sings. The words enhanced by the colours of your art.

    Indeed, my human and myself are kind to ourselves. For if we wont take care of ourselves, then we aren't much good for anybody else.

    A peaceful, pawsitive Sunday to you, dear lady.

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! 🙂