In Which You Meet James and the Dragon

Today’s Wednesday Feature book is James & the Dragon , a Middle-School Fantasy by Theresa Snyder, an author who has seen an interesting mix of professions in her life, all of which have worked to enliven her fiction.

 Fantasy Middle grade Farloft series Theresa SnyderElevator pitch:

What would you do if you were adopted by a dragon? When ten-year-old orphan James nearly drowns in a bog, he finds himself rescued by Farloft, a centuries old
dragon with a glittering collection of treasures and an even richer collection
of stories. But, dragons and boys are not meant to live together – or are they?


Teaser Excerpt:

“Please don’t eat me,” James pleaded. For he felt sure that was the dragon’s
intent. Why else would he pull him free? What misfortune, James thought. To be
dragged from quicksand only to be eaten by a dragon.

“Eat you?” Farloft retorted. “I would rather starve than put anything as
filthy as you in my mouth. Where are your people?” Farloft demanded.

He didn’t give James time to reply before breaking into a tirade. “Did your
father not warn you about the dangers of cutting peat by yourself? Had I not
come by when I did you would have drowned. I cannot believe your parents let
you out alone on a day like this.”

Farloft stuck his nose up in the air and inhaled deeply. “By the smell of it, it will not be more than a few hours before it snows again.”
Farloft looked down at the boy. The lad stood before him coated with mud from head to foot, doing his best to remain standing. The cold, a close brush with death, and a dragon encounter left him unsteady on his feet and close to tears.

“Are you all right?” Farloft asked, in a gentler tone.

The boy wiped at his nose with one muddy fist. “Yes, sir,” he replied.
“Do you think you can make it home?” Farloft asked.

“Aye,”the lad replied quietly, but made no move to go.
“Well then, off with you.” Farloft commanded.

James barely took two steps before his knees buckled and he collapsed to the ground.




To read a longer excerpt of this Middle grad Fantasy, click here.  I love dragons, and I especially love stories involving kids and dragons, because they tend to be some of the most colorful and imaginative. If you want to follow my example, buy James & the Dragon on Amazon , and also check out the entire Farloft chronicles series.



Do you read Fantasy? Would you like to buy this for your kids? Do you have questions for Theresa Snyder?

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  1. klahanie

    Hi Damyanti and hi Theresa,

    Wow and what a concept. Besides, who'd want a flame-grilled kid. Excellent storyline, Theresa. I shall duly share this posting and hope it helps. Before my comment starts to um, dragon, I shall now leave……

    • Theresa Snyder (3su)

      ::Farloft smiles and ruffles his wings:: "I find younglings from age 9 – 13 can read my tales themselves. Younger than that, I like reading James and my story to them." ::smirkes a bit and chuckles:: "Older hatchlings seem to find it entertaining too!"

    • Theresa Snyder (3su)

      ::Farloft paws the ground and flattens his wings tightly against his back in embarrassment:: "Thank you kind sir and may there be many that grace your pages with similar compliments."

  2. The Wilder Lands

    Excellent to see this lovely author getting more press for her book! As you mentioned in the article, she's got whole series out, in fact, but this is where it all begins. I'm about to start reading this one myself, after having read excerpts here and there and quite enjoyed them.

    Looking forward to reading more about Farloft! Even if I hear he talks too much for his own good. But hey, dragons do love to hear themselves talk.

    Great post!