What Color Are You?

synesthesia in fiction writingI’ve been wondering about Synaesthesia, (traditionally described as a phenomenon of intermixed senses), and how it relates to writing, to color metaphor.

There’s a long list of fictional characters who experience this condition, and here’s an excerpt from a non-fiction account of synaesthesia from someone who experiences it:

“I didn’t know then that seeing such things as yellow P’s and
orange R’s, or green B’s, purple 5’s, brown Mondays and turquoise  Thursdays
was unique to the one in two thousand persons like myself who were hosts
to a quirky neurological phenomenon called synesthesia.” 

I keep imagining what it must be like to see the world in colors, I would always have a Prussian blue Monday I guess, a yellow Friday, a red or green Saturday, and maybe a purple Sunday. 

I think if I could see myself in color, I would be blue, a dark aquamarine. Some days I’m cobalt, others I’m teal, but always blue.

Have you ever thought of yourself in terms of color? What color are you?

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  1. Ice Girl

    I have synesthesia. It's…interesting. I never thought it out of the ordinary until I read The Name of this Book is Secret. Definitely a metallic silvery green. And me…I'm a mix of golds and browns. Lavender on my good days. Monday is red. Tuesday is blue. It tastes bitter. Wednesday is green and it's savory. P's are orangey red and R's are dark browns., or green B's, 5's are bright orange, Thursdays are soft yellows, like sunshine behind clouds.

  2. paulasjordan

    Blue's my color too, Damyanti. On best days, the color of the October sky in the North Carolina mountains. Other days, anywhere from deep Navy to the palest French blue that goes so nicely with off-whites. The moods vary, but all the colors are beautiful. Thanks for sending my mind off in this direction!

  3. Michelle Wallace

    I always refer to myself as multi-colored!
    Why? Well, I represent the rainbow nation.
    Multi-colored = multifaceted which suggests nuanced and diverse in nature. Think of a rainbow which stretches across the sky after a deluge… the perfect example of unity in diversity…

  4. Rajesh Asarpota

    Used to prefer the sober Greys for a long time, however now experiment openly. I go with Pinks, Purples, Orange, Reds.. But then nothing to beat a combination of Blue and White..

  5. Heather Holden

    I've always associated different things with colors. Like, whenever I listen to a song, it's always a certain color in my mind. As for what color I am…I feel orange!

  6. MorningAJ

    Right at the moment I'm a rather faded yellow with pink patches. I think I might be starting a cold – and my throat's sore!

  7. Li

    I'm not sure what colour I would choose to describe myself. But I do know that on certain days I deliberately look for a particular colour in my closet to wear. And I never really thought about that until now!

  8. Jemi Fraser

    Love that quote! I have different favourites – depending on whether it's to wear, to look at, to have on the walls, to eat… 🙂

  9. Angela Brown

    Wow, to consider myself reflected in colors. I tend to be such a dark writer though I tend to be a humorous person in group settings and often deep in thought when on my own. Perhaps I'm a collage of blended purples, yellows, blues and black.