Do You Want to Meet the Reason the Devil Never Sleeps?

Today’s Wednesday feature book is a YA urban fantasy Sebastian Falls by Celeste Holloway.  
She’s an amazing author, and based on just the teaser below, I’d love to read her book.

Elevator pitch: She’s the reason the devil never sleeps.

Teaser Excerpt:
The sun climbing over the
horizon is cruel—a reminder there’s life left to live. In silence, I lie
frozen, waiting. Daylight burns through my window and devours the darkness.
Still, I don’t move. Not until I’m sure the last shadow is gone. 

At eight, music chimes from the
clock on my nightstand, and the dancing ladies crank to life. Their mechanical
cheeks stick in permanent, rosy grins as they lift their dresses and spin on
their toes. If I had the energy, I’d smash away their cheer, but I save my
strength to unwind the bloody sheets tangled around my body. 

By the time I free my legs from
the soggy heap, my breath is labored and my chest rattles. Bruises trail my
thighs to my blackened torso where my gown hangs in shreds. My tender skin is
burdened under the fabric, so I tear off the rags. The stench from the material
wafts up my nose, transporting me back to last night. My mind rewinds the
events over and over. The scene is too addictive to shut off—too fresh. A smile
creeps across my face. 

For once, the blood isn’t my



Buy on Kindle and Smashwords. And if you like what you read, the second book in the series (CLOSER TO NEVER)is due for release soon.

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  1. Laura W.

    It's my lucky day. I found an unused $25 Barnes and Noble gift card in my desk drawer today and have been looking for things to spend it on. Thanks for the heads up. This looks right up my alley. 🙂