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After  Sebastian Falls by Celeste Holloway last week, today’s Wednesday feature is another YA Urban Fantasy The Blood She Betrayed by Cheryse Durrant. Here’s the book trailer. Cheryse is a successful author with a three-book contract from Clan Destine Press, Australia.

Elevator pitch:
A warrior princess comes to Earth to find an ancient artefact to
destroy the heart-devouring demons plaguing her lands. When she
teams up with wealthy Max from Brisbane, her quest becomes more

Teaser Excerpt
through her muscles as she shadowed the lean boy-man away
from the mansion, sidestepping a gold-speckled toad in her path.
summer.’ His amber voice soothed her shot nerves. `Cane toads
are all
over the place.’

they edible?’

no. They’re poisonous.’

is disappointing.’ Hunger gnawed at her insides.

you like frog’s legs?’

the legs? She was hungry. She would eat the whole thing at the
the legs
your specialty?’

I can’t cook to save myself.’

distinctive scent, mingled with the tang of unfamiliar plants,
stirred her hunger. It was more than she expected from this
boy-man with unkempt chestnut hair. She bit her lip. He lacked a
warrior’s muscular build or a magician’s runic hand, but the
fabric and cut of his garments implied wealth. If he were the
son of
a nobleman, he could prove useful. If only…

faltered as another spasm of hunger hit.

heart tempted her with its thick, rich scent and strong,
beats. Not since Jada had she felt a response so raw and
This Earthern was nothing like her betrothed but in a handful of
minutes he had rekindled the darker cravings she had struggled

you okay? You look ill.’ His warm breath skated across her neck.

no one. Find the Elnara.
will regain my strength once we have eaten at your abode.’

it’s this way.’



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  1. Cheryse Durrant

    Thanks, Kengwira! There's a lot of misunderstandings in the book due to misunderstandings between Max and Shahkara. I'm not very good at humour but they've created the humour themselves! Lexa, I love fast-paced books. Many readers have said they couldn't stop reading it when they started. That fills me with both delight and a little guilt…

  2. Cheryse Durrant

    Thanks, Daya, for sharing my novel on Amlokiblogs. I've had fabulous results with the physical book tour, but I'm still struggling to promote the eBook – please share with your friends if you can and let me know if you'd like to review my book. I can send you a review copy. Trisha, it was awesome fun setting The Blood She Betrayed in Australia. You're absolutely a native by now. I can sense it in your blood! 🙂

  3. Trisha F

    Sounds like a very fun story indeed! And I like to see stories set in my (not really native, more adopted) land! 🙂