When do You stop Trying? #writing

Some days, Life ain’t easy, nor is writing. On those days, I try to hang in there, be mindful, let it all flow around me, accept that not all moments would be filled with bounty– that the lack in some of those moments shows me my blessings in contrast.

How about you? Ever think about those days when nothing works? How do you deal with them?

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  1. DMS

    Some days writing can be harder than others. If that happens I try to take a break and go outside (if possible) and enjoy nature. I usually find time outside clears my mind and helps me to focus. 🙂

  2. klahanie

    Hey Damyanti,

    You can relax now. Yes indeed, I'm here with one of my eagerly anticipated comments. On days when nothing works, I just reckon that it's nothing to worry about. Tomorrow might be better. If not, maybe the next day or the next day or….

    Have a nice weekend, my kind friend.

    Gary 🙂

  3. Abhijit Ray

    Some days things don't work, ideas don't flow, everything becomes lethargic. Keep trying. That is the only thing one can do. Happy writing.

  4. Michelle Stanley

    Yesterday was one of the worst ever. The internet connection kept freezing on me, I missed deadlines and had to retype articles that I know were saved. But like you said…never give up, hang in there.

  5. Susan Scott

    It's ok when the impasse hits … time to take to smell the coffee or the roses or take a walk or even a nap .. but never give up trying … that's the day when we might as well give up.

  6. shelly

    When things go awry with writing, I read, critique and beta read for others. I read blogs. I keep a dream journal hoping to find stories in them. I write short pieces and submit them accordingly.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Hugs and chocolate!