Do you #write Inwards or Outwards? #amwriting

The last month or so, I’ve been trying to juggle life-stuff and writing, and blogging has slipped through the cracks.

Though I’ve technically surfaced from my self-imposed hibernation, the writer in me has gone into a cave again: all I want to do with the limited time I have on my hands these days is to write, edit, fix stories.

It is a peculiar thing, writing a story– it is being someone else, getting into their skins, thinking their thoughts. It is feeling the weight of their flesh on your own bones, the bloat in their stomachs from their heavy lunches, the dizziness from their alcohol or drug trips, their helplessness in the face of death, their joy at winning a race, the adrenalin coursing through your veins as much as theirs. So many lives wrapped up in the world of stories, and through them so much understanding of what success and failure, joy and hurt, giving and accepting, mean.

I’m loth to stir out and about. When out with others, I still have my eyes gazing inward, because of these many lives I’ve created within me and the constant reminder: to each I must give a voice, an existence.

Haven’t been blog-visiting these past months, not as much as I used to. I miss you all, sometimes, as if from within a torpor. Feel like I’ve fallen into an alternate universe, where imaginary people look more ‘real’ than the real and online people in my life.

I’m sure I’ll wake up from this drowsy-dreamlike world, but until I do, here’s a wave and a hug from my world spinning parallel to yours.

Have you ever had a similar experience of being in a faraway world of your imagination? Does reading or writing ever put you in this inward spiral? Do you write Inwards or Outwards?


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  1. wildfire8470

    Love the t-shirt! It sounds like we have this in common but, for me, when I'm in one world, I'm kicking myself for not doing what I should in/for the other.

  2. Kalpanaa Misra

    Inwards! I definitely write inwards, making it impossible for me to carry on the functions of daily life such as taking care of my children, getting the laundry done or answering those phone calls and messages. People call me inefficient – I don't know whether I want to be called efficient, specially when I'm writing.

  3. Jemima Pett

    Sometimes when I'm writing I find it hard to come out of the world I'm in. Not physically, but mentally part of me is still there.

  4. M. J. Joachim

    Life happens, and then we blog. I took a bit of a break too due to life's circumstances, but I really missed blogging and take the time whenever I get the chance. For my writing tips blog that means I'm posting more than once a day sometimes. When I saw I hadn't posted anything in March the other day, I couldn't believe it, and now I'm making every effort to at least show I made an effort 🙂 Best to you Damy! Enjoy those characters and be true to yourself and them 🙂

  5. Nilanjana Bose

    Commenting just because I haven't seen you around. Great to know your writing is going well. I think I am a mixture of inward-outward. So that makes me cross-eyed, really 🙂

    Best wishes,

  6. Maria Kristina

    Hi D, it's nice to read your write-up here after not blogging for 11 months. Writing is a sort of therapy for me. So even though I wasn't blogging, I still scribble every now and then on my journal. But I always give in to laziness, though I know it would have been better if I scribbled my thoughts away.

    A-Z Challenge is a big motivation for me to actually write again 🙂

    Will you be participating again this year? I'll be back to read new entries on your page. Have a great week ahead!

  7. Li

    I spend far too much time thinking and not enough actually writing. I was going to forego the A to Z this year, but signed up anyway because it has forced me to get something "on paper". Glad you checked in! 🙂

  8. Susan Gourley/Kelley

    I always feel that way when I get to the end of a novel. Because that's the part I imagine first, I'm really eager to get it down and get it right so I don't want to think about anything but it.

  9. Susan Scott

    Glad you stppped by Damynti good to see you albeit briefly. Once the muse appears you must give her yr full attention to exclusion of all else. …

  10. Denise Covey

    Hi there! I just popped over to say hi as I haven't seen you around for ages. I'm so glad that you're fully involved in your writing. I try to blog less and write more these days too! 🙂

  11. Birgit

    I think you need to write and be involved as much as you need to be and enjoy the process:) I never thought much about how I write but I guess that is what makes you the writer:)

  12. shelly

    Everyday, I go into my far and away place or places. I forget about other things like getting gas in my car and what errands I may need to do. Went through that yesterday. Crazy. Huh? Oh the life of a writer.

  13. Bethany Elizabeth

    I'm generally pretty introverted, but oddly enough I'm the opposite when I'm writing. I want to connect with other authors and they always inspire me to keep trying. 🙂 But I also have had a few instances where I was so lost in the story that none of my friends saw me for days or weeks at a time.

  14. Alex J. Cavanaugh

    I don't think I get quite that involved. Probably another reason I like third person point of view best. I don't like being in a character's head THAT much.

  15. Shailaja V

    I write from a place of intense pain , I think. It is then that my best work (or so I assume) emerges. My happy stories are okay, but the ones with all the fibres of suffering – those are the ones that reach the readers best. Missed you around the blog-o-sphere, Damyanti. Good luck with the writing.