Do You Make Your Own Rainbow?

I’ve been offline the past weeks, traveling, writing, reading. It has
been one of the more relaxing, happy phases of my life, and as you can
see from my picture below– I’ve taken charge of making my own rainbow.
Or, in this case, spotting one, in Penang, Malaysia.

What have you been up to? Made or spotted any rainbows lately?

Rainbow-spotting: Reading, Writing, Traveling

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  1. M. J. Joachim

    I'm taking life as it comes and doing my best to enjoy every minute of it. Just a few moments ago, I put the little one down for a nap. She loves to fall asleep in Grandma's arms. Now I'm catching up on blog comments, and may even find time to write a blog post or two. We'll see how the day unfolds. It's always an adventure and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so glad you are relaxing and enjoying some special down time, however you choose to spend it, Damy. These are the things that make our rainbows shine brighter than we ever imagine 🙂