Mslexia #Novel Competition Longlist and Blog Hiatus! #writing

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Hey everyone who makes my day on this blog,

I have news.

My novel is longlisted for the Mslexia Novel Competition for unpublished women writers.

This is stunning, and has caught me with my draft in a mess.

I sent in 5k, and have to now send in about 85k by the 30th of Oct (Of this year!).

As you can imagine, it’s going to be an insane caffeine-fueled waking nightmare.Β  (I know I won’t place– but this is a great opportunity to show my MS to some very esteemed judges, and I don’t want them coughing hairballs. Besides I get to polish my novel in a very short space– what’s not to like?)

So I shall go on a hiatus, and reappear again on November 2, after this deadline, and 2-3 others that fall on Oct 31 and Nov 1.

While I’m away, please feel free to browse through the archives, and leave comments. I’ll have a blogging month soon, when all I do is visit and browse.


Any words of advice for a nervous long-listee? Have you ever had to scramble to finish anything for a deadline?

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  1. Wildfire8470

    Congratulations! Wait for the rounds of edits, and while your wondering what made you crazy enough to publish, remember how the fanfare feels. Way
    to go!

  2. dgkaye

    Okay, what are you doing here lol? You’re supposed to be on break writing your heart out. Then again I can imagine your excitement and the need to share here with us. Now go forth and finish, and come back and tell us all about your accomplishment! πŸ™‚

  3. Ste J

    What an opportunity, I bet you’re bouncing off the walls right now. Just go for it and try to pt any pressure out of your mind and tell the story the way you want it. Good luck!

  4. Birgit

    You will do it and what an adventure! This is thrilling that you were picked and these people will read your work. Congrats!

  5. chattykerry

    I have a monthly writing gig with a magazine, usually with short deadlines. I just go to bed and stay there until most of the writing is done (I do get up for the basics!). I found, however, that it helped to write a short anecdote for my blog during the deadline – just to refocus my mind and relax a little. Brava!!


    This is brilliant. I’m a long-time Mslexia subscriber and I know how hard their competitions and standards are. Bribe ALL your friends to read the MS and listen to what they say… but you know that.

  7. Nik

    Congratulations! Good luck with the work ahead – I hope one day to encounter this problem myself πŸ™‚

  8. Yolanda Renee

    Congratulations and good luck! A deadline is sometimes the best thing to make us focus. I’m sure you’ll do even better than you expect! You’re a great writer!

  9. Denise Covey

    Hey Damyanti! You know we’re all jumping up and down and screaming encouragement for you at this exciting time! I’m so pleased for you. Sure, you think you may not place (well, you shouldn’t say that), but you still want to present the best ms you can. My advice is to sweep off your desk everything you can, and somehow carve more time in your day. This is SO hard to do, but there is always a bit of time here and there. I work better in shortish bursts with coffee-fuelled breaks OFTEN.

    Go girl!

  10. syeda2write

    Congratulations!! Some real tough moments while the clock ticks more and more towards the deadline. More caffeine, more sleepless nights, more butterflies and more fluctuating heartbeats. Hope for the best! πŸ‘

  11. ccyager

    Good luck, Damyanti! What a great opportunity. Do make sure you still get enough sleep. The brain and creativity operate better when rested. My fingers are crossed for you! Cinda

  12. poetryshack

    Congratulations! That’s awesome. Its good to see success in others. It leaves hope for the rest of us. Enjoy writing first and foremost! 😊😊

  13. Harry...the Man!

    That news is, like, the best way for me to start the evening. As long as you give it everything and as long as you know that you couldn’t have tried harder then you have won already. You’ve won irrespective of what the judges say.

    Enjoy the experience.

  14. Leigh W. Smith

    First, many, many congratulations, Damyanti! My humble advice is just to do your best. That’s all you can do; in the moment, wielding your creativity as best you can, to your fullest ability. I wouldn’t count you out of the running for the competition, and, yes, I’ve scrambled to meet many a deadline. My middle name just might be scramble! Good luck, and see you in November (with reports of your newest publishing successes!).

  15. Real | The Diligent Dilettante

    […] Damyanti is putting her blog on hiatus for a few weeks as she finishes drafting her novel for a competition. The anxiety she’s feeling reminds me of an interesting conversation I had during a job interview, which serves as the inspiration for the following. […]

  16. Dane Tyler

    Congratulations, Damyanti! How exciting for you! I don’t for a moment believe you won’t place. Show some confidence! You’re a great writer, and I bet you’ll do fine!

    Hugs from a long-lost overseas friend. πŸ™‚ Wishing you all success!

  17. Keigh Ahr

    Good luck Damyanti! My only advice is to enjoy the ride as much as possible. Every moment of anxiety and doubt demonstrates that you are truly alive.

  18. Marty

    Congratulations on making it to the pressure test! πŸ˜€
    I personally found it best to go back and edit my manuscript after I had a (very rough) first draft in place.
    The bits with the plot came together because of the pace, and it was easier to tinker around with the set-dressing from the second go onwards.
    Happy hunting!

  19. dweezer19

    I have one suggestion. Stop saying,”i know I’ll never place. Or win. Or come out on top”. 😳 You go girl! πŸ‘