#atozchallenge: Where Do You Find Your Zen?

For the A to Z Blogging Challenge, I’VE blogged 26 days in April based on the alphabet and brOUGHT you stories from the nonprofit Project Why.

Today, a month of Project Why‘s stories on this blog for the A to Z Challenge is coming to an end.

We started with Anouradha Bakshi, the founder of Project Why, went on to Babli, a little girl who got the gift of a heart, a life, and an education from Project Why.

We met the amazing volunteers and donors: Cat didi, Emily, Jon, Stone, the Wormans, Xavier.

We met the Project Why Staff: Dharmender, Rani, Shamika, Seema, Naresh, Vijay, Rampreet.

We spoke of Project Why’s impact: the Lohars, the Ghaziabad Girls, Preeti. Some of these stories have had a happy ending, but others not so much, though not for want of effort from Project Why.

We celebrated the unsung heroes of Project Why, like Ranjan. We spoke of Manu, its inspiration.

Most of all, we spoke of kids like Kiran who are in a good place due to this nonprofit, but also about others like Pancham and Yash, who desperately need your help to make it.

I really, really hope you’ll consider donating to this wonderful little org with a large heart. You could choose one particular cause, make a one-time donation, or even donate a small amount each year. I can vouch for the fact that this support would really go to someone in need: all your donation will benefit the person you want to help, because Project Why doesn’t use its funds for Advertising or Fundraising, and slashes overheads any which way possible. Food is cooked in-house, transport is provided by parents of the kids, the staff is sourced from the community, and the classrooms are put together with the least frills possible, some even inside rubbish dumps!

Damyanti Biswas talks about the Nonprofit ProjectWhy In the slums of New Delhi
Operation Pancham: Save this boy’s future!

It is everyday people like you and me who can make a difference, by donating what we can, and talking about Project Why if we can’t. Prayers and funds are both helpful, as are helping with fundraising, or even becoming an online volunteer: sharing posts on social media.

My thanks to Anouradha Bakshi for collaborating with me on all posts: a lot of the words in these posts come from her, I’m just her mouthpiece, really. My personal experience at Project Why has enriched my life, and for that, no thanks would be enough. Project Why has become a part of my journey, and no matter where life takes me, this organization will remain a large part of who I am and what I do. I find my zen at Project Why.

Project Why Non Profit Yash
Yash: Needs a Sponsor for his education

Thanks to each of you who has commented on the posts, and to those who have donated so generously. Compassion in action is a beautiful thing to watch, and I’ve been incredibly privileged to witness it here on my blog.

Which story from A to Z did you read or like in particular? Would it interest you to know more about Project Why on this blog? Did you participate in the A to Z Challenge? Did you like my theme for the challenge? Will you consider helping Project Why with your funds or time?

One last appeal for Pancham, a boy who picks rags to support his family and yearns for an education, and Yash, who the fates have abandoned again and yet again. The world has dealt them a cruel hand, let’s see if we can’t make it a kinder place for them.

To Donate  Project Why, CLICK HERE.
To Contact Project Why, Click Here

Bidding adieu to the challenge for this year…see you for the next one. Regular posts will be back next week onwards. Please join Daily (w)rite on its Facebook Page if you’d like to be heard by this community. If you liked this post, you can have biweekly posts delivered to your inbox: click the SUBSCRIBE button in the sidebar.

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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  1. hilarycustancegreen

    All your work and effort has made a difference, Damyanti. I cannot be the only one who you have persuaded to donate something to this wonderful cause. Just keep reminding us at intervals, so that we can dip into our comfortably-lined pockets and share a little of what we have, with others who have so little and try so hard to make the most of it.

  2. Kashmira Patel

    Thanks for sharing Yash and Pancham’s stories, they motivated me to start my jewelry making efforts again. Hoping to raise what they need through this enterprise every month!

  3. Birgit

    I am so sorry for falling down in my comments. I have now read all the blog posts that I have missed and I am humbled by the wonderful people who keep this agency going. The Frenchman is just fantastic as well as the husband and wife from Austrailia. I hope the boy, who comes from very dysfunctional parents does not inherit the addiction Gene and that he is more at peace now that he is safe. The other boy who is the product of an affair deserves so many hugs and to know he is loved. I don’t understand the couple who visited so often and then gave up. This is not right and they should not be able to adopt even though they were waiting for a few years…you don’t give u p on a child. I am glad you have showcased this great place that is doing all they can. It was a great A to Z

  4. macjam47

    How could I possibly pick a favorite? They were all amazing and generous people. This was a fantastic theme. I enjoyed reading each post.

  5. pjlazos

    Really enjoyed your month of posts, Damyanti. I hope you raised a lot of money for Project Why. The stories were incredible.

  6. Jacqui Murray

    I thoroughly enjoyed your posts, Damyanti. You have me thinking. I may even try this next year. It’s such a great way to deliver a large amount of information in consumable bites.

  7. Yolanda Renee

    Great job. You’ve done a fabulous job and I hope it pays off with many, many donations! A great way to end the A to Z Challenge! Happy May!

  8. vishalbheeroo

    A to Z is such a good way to raise awareness and make life beautiful for the innocent souls. Hopefully!! I shall be able to donate towards the year end:)

  9. aj vosse

    Hi Damyanti, this has been one fantastic month of Project Why shares that you have blessed us with! Thanks a million for talking me into doing the challenge… if I hadn’t I would most likely have missed your PW posts.
    I’ll try getting support going here in Ireland and I pledge, as soon as I’m working again I will do more! Yes, those kids deserve our help and prayers!!
    (I’ve watched a month of cricket beamed from India (World T20 and now the IPL) There is so much that India has given the world, maybe it’s time for the world to give back a little!) 😉

  10. hilarymb

    Hi Damyanti – this has been an amazing A-Z … your subject choice has been brilliant and you’ve described perfectly in the post – where you’ve taken us along the A-Z journey … people, administrators, donors, and the most important – those that need help – showing us some, always reminding us there are others …

    Definitely my heart is here with you … all the very best outcomes for Project Why … cheers Hilary

  11. projectwhy

    My gratitude to Damyanti for this perfect ‘coming out ball’ for Project Why.
    And my heartfelt thanks to everyone who found time to read about us and share part of our journey. I will miss these posts. Wish the alphabet was longer!
    love you all and love you damyanti

  12. WriterlySam

    It’s been an honor to partner with you for another AtoZ. Your journey through Project Why has touched many a heart. I admire your spirited support of this worthy cause and will do what I can to help!

    The AtoZ of EOS

  13. cleemckenzie

    I think you’ve introduced me to a lot of volunteers with Zen as their middle names. Thank you for all of the inspiration throughout April.

  14. Bushka

    Been an engaging month in many ways…especially reading the rich variety of innovative posts. Your postings have been super informative. Thanks. Hugs!

  15. franklparker

    Hi Damyanti. I’ve enjoyed your illuminating atoz posts. And I’ve checked out quite a few (but no where near enough) other atoz contributors. My plan over the next while is to put links on my site to the ones I consider best and use the hashtag #atoztreasure to promote them. As one of the atoz admins maybe you could share this idea.