What would your Fake Book Cover say? #reading

I loved this article on using a Fake Book Cover I read recently:

Fake Book CoverSome people have been known to lie about reading certain books in order to make themselves look smart. But nobody pretends to read certain books to make themselves look deranged or perverted. Nobody but comedian Scott Rogowsky that is.

Not only that but he did it on the New York subway, one of the busiest subway systems in the world. In full view of other passengers, the brave comedian pretended to be engrossed by such questionably-named publications as  ……. Needless to say, several passengers were more than a little surprised by the comedian’s seemingly shameless interest in “alternative” literature, although it certainly made their commute to work a little more interesting than usual.

I love some of the Fake Book Covers used by the comedian– they certainly made me chortle! Visit the link to see the covers, I omitted them here because this is a PG13 blog. A fake book cover can make wonderful statements about our culture, about what is considered appropriate, elitist, or, in some cases, could act as statements to the public.

I would definitely buy and use on my commutes fake book covers that said, “How to Teach the Youth to Give Their Train Seats to the Elderly” or “Top Ways Not To Obstruct Traffic When Playing PokeMon Go” and so on.

 Have you ever seen or used a fake book cover? If you did, what would your fake book cover say? Leave me a few ideas for a Fake Book Cover in the comments if you like. Please use asterisks if your titles contain NSFW words!

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  1. upasna1987

    “How can you be Unfuckwithable” but I am not a huge fan of reading Books.

  2. Corvidae in the Fields

    “50 Ways to Cleverly Conceal a Bad Rash”
    “Scientologists are Watching You!”
    “One light, Two Light, Green Light, Red Light: the Starter’s Guide to Human Trafficking”
    “HONEST! The Unauthorized Hillary Clinton Biography”
    “Shaolin Scatology: Everyone Was Flung Poo Fighting”

  3. Mark Murata

    Not a fake book cover. But I think I was in high school when the history or social studies class was having a study time, which just devolved into a lot of talk and noise. I hid a science fiction paperback hidden inside the textbook and pretended I was reading the textbook.

    The teacher pointed me out as a good student.

  4. jan

    I wish I could come up with a good title for a book let alone a fake one! Let’s see – how about “Bubble Baths with Cats” Or “The Twelve Best Champagnes for Under $1.50”

  5. Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC, SCAC

    Thank you so much for ‘liking’ my latest post [“Good news on brain-aging from The Nun Study”] – I just got a notice from WordPress that you were the 1,000th one!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

  6. Leigh W. Smith

    I thought this post (before reading it, just seeing the headline) might have been a meme I saw recently about fake sci-fi and fantasy book covers, but, no, I was excited to see it’s something different. Some of those NSFW titles: very funny, Damyanti!
    As to your question, I’ve never considered a fake cover for myself, as I would rather release a ‘real’ book of my own. I could see myself satirising some literary books, though some are more personalized than others, like “Just Ew” as the alternative title for “Lolita” and “Another Sad Commentary about Race; This Time, the Tormented Boy Hides in the Closet and Eats Toothpaste” for “Light in August.”
    That said, I do have a title in mind for my memoir, should I ever write it or feel like anyone would be interested to read it, but, beyond that, not a lot. I had a vivid dream a few years ago with my name at the bottom of a book cover, and it just looked “right”: I’m not a sentimental or superstitious kind of person—in fact, I consider myself pretty logical and analytical—but that has kind of guided me toward writing, as have other life factors. Anyway, fascinating post, as always, Damyanti!

  7. Joshua Nyamache

    I have never used a fake book cover but I have come across some of them. I think it will drive a lot of traffic to a website or blog if a free E-book that has a fake book cover is posted on social media sites.

  8. Rajlakshmi

    hahaha I just checked the article… it’s hilarious! No I have never done it… except to hide Harry Potter in between my science digest 😛

  9. maureenjenner

    Reading through my weekly quota of blogs visited is like looking through many windows on the world. It’s fascinating and humbling as well as invigorating. I never quite know what’s going to turn up. Life is never dull with those beguiling facets on other people’s lives and ideas.

  10. hilarycustancegreen

    Great fun. I had a good chuckle. Though it did remind me of the sad event recently when a young woman was reading a book about Syrian culture on an aeroplane and was reported by another passenger for doing so and then later interviewed by the terrorism police. So be careful about choices, X rated is OK, but I’d avoid Egyptian gods for instance.

  11. aj vosse

    Great idea!!
    It reminds me of a prank I pulled as a young man. Way back in 1983, I was doing a course in South Africa’s most conservative town. On a whim, I had a T-shirt printed. Large red letters on a plain beige material. The front said… “I’m still a virgin.” The looks I got when walking down the main street on a busy Saturday morning!
    But… the fun came when folk would turn around to keep staring as I walked by. The back carried the words… “This is a very old shirt!” Utter disgust!! 😈
    Thanks for the laugh… and bringing back the memories…

  12. shanayatales

    LOL. I had never heard of this, but some of them were hilarious, some cringe worthy, and some a mixture of both. I loved your take on fake book covers – I would totally flaunt them around. 😀

  13. cleemckenzie

    I’m thinking of a cover that will make a fellow passenger raise her glasses just to be sure she’s seeing what she’s seeing. Those were quite eye-glass-raising covers.

  14. Debbie D.

    Those are hilarious and would certainly make riding on public transportation less boring! Thanks for the laugh, Damyanti. 🙂 I remember in high school, some kids used to hide pornography inside serious text book covers. Kind of the reverse of this idea.

  15. chinks

    How to keep your farts in?? Hilarious!!
    I would try “Top signs the person sitting next to you wants to be left alone”

  16. misfit120

    Considering the state of affairs with regard to the 2016 Presidential campaign I think my fake book cover title would be: “My Successful Lobotomy Reversal Procedure” by Donald Trump.