Would You Join in the We Are the World Blogfest? #WATWB #WriteBravely

Write Tribe Day FoxToday is the sixth day of the Write Tribe Festival of Words. Yesterday’s prompt was “write a letter to someone,” and today’s is “interview someone on your blog.”

If you’ve read Daily (w)rite before, you know that I help co-host the monthly We Are the World Blogfest (WATWB). But for the purposes of this post, I’ll pretend I know nothing about it, and use this prompt to interview Belinda Witzenhausen, my partner-in- WATWB, and hope that it will persuade some of you to join this event!

WATWB is an event where participants add a link and an excerpt to News that shows the good side of humanity, in less than 500 words.

A post is eligible if

-it holds the badge,

-is posted over the last weekend of the month, and

-mentions and links to a piece of positive news.

These can be added to a regular post in order to be considered as participation.


  1. What is We are the World Blogfest?

We are the World Blogfest is what I would like to call a “positivity” beacon, shining light through what seems to be the never-ending darkness and negativity prevalent in social media these days. #WATWB is a group of dedicated bloggers led by five co-hosts each month, who choose to do our part to infuse social media with all the good stories that are out there. We hope to share the stories that show kindness, compassion, hope, overcoming challenges and in general, the impressive resilience of the human spirit. On the last Friday of every month, we post our stories on our blogs then visit the rest of the blogs where we comment, like and share as many #WATWB posts as we can.

2. How did the We Are The World Blogfest come to be?

In January, being totally frustrated and overwhelmed with the way people were treating each other on social media I wrote a blog post titled “Be The Change”.  My post was truly born out of being totally overwhelmed by all the negativity on my social media feeds. I’m not into complaining about something without first trying to do something to change it. I guess it struck a chord with quite a few people and various dialogues opened within a group of online friends, including yourself. In one of our discussions we decided that we needed to do something and while bouncing ideas around, you suggested a blogfest which seemed to be a perfect platform, thus we put together WATWB.

We Are the World Blogfest3. WATWB is a monthly event. Do you find it difficult to come up with a post each month? What tips would you give to potential participants?

Not at all. I think we all have a cause or topic that we are passionate about. I have a social services background and am co-owner of a website called ProfessorOwl’sBookCorner.com dedicated to children with special needs. In our monthly newsletter, we often feature profiles of “heroes” who are children with special needs who have overcome odds and are thriving. That is what I’m passionate about…I love stories about people beating the odds, ignoring labels and living life on their terms. I think if you can find something meaningful for you, it makes this whole experience inspirational. My biggest tip is to be yourself, follow your passions/causes and really involve yourself in the process. The first month might be a challenge but the more you participate the more you get out of it. Since WATWB’s inception, I sadly had a death in the family as well as some personal challenges and I found going through the posts very empowering and cathartic, it made a difference.

4. How can WATWB be beneficial to a participant’s blog?

I love doing WATWB because it spreads positivity but it also helps you make connections to other like-minded bloggers. We are starting to build a positive, global, interactive online community. We have both a FB Group and FB Page where we interact with other co-hosts, offer support and help each other out.  We have bloggers from all around the world and from all walks of life opening both our eyes and minds to other global perspectives.

6. What is the one request you would make to all participants of WATWB?

PARTICIPATE!!!  LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE the love! For this to be effective we need help to share the message. One of my favorite quotes is from Margaret Mead “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” I truly believe this, I would love for the bloggers of WATWB to take up that challenge, changing the world one blog at a time. 🙂

7. Why should a blogger sign up for the WATWB?

If you are tired of negativity and want to become part of an amazing supportive blogging community please join us! Help change the face of social media!

Do you get overwhelmed by the negativity on social media? Wish you could do something about it? Here’s your chance! To Sign up: CLICK HERE. To know more: CLICK HERE.

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  1. Neha

    I loved this idea! But is it necessary that I post a positive story on the last friday of the month? Do you accept posts that are positive but might not be published on the last Friday?

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Positive stories are welcome any time in the month or year.

      But to run an event, we need a few ground rules, and we chose one particular weekend each month so that anyone visiting the blog list on that weekend will find positive stories– the rest of the month folks blog about anything that catches their fancy, positive stories included.

  2. grumps666

    I love the concept of focussing on positive aspects and success over hardship stories, but I’m not sure if I’d have time to participate fully–especially as this is bound to expand exponentially as word spreads and membership increases. Hmmm! Maybe I could dip my toes in the sea of goodwill and see if the strong current of positivity draws me deeper into the warm waters of community spirit, thus overcoming my fear of sinking under the weight of reciprocal responses? [Please interpret that as being written with the buoyancy of light-heartedness, 😉 ]

    • Damyanti Biswas

      This has been on since March, but the numbers have not grown exponentially: what we realise is that bad words and negativity spread like the plague, but positive news does not. Be very happy to have you join us– it only takes a few minutes a month, and changes our perspective on news– I know I’ve started trawling through news to find the positive ones these days– there are those, if you look for them 🙂

  3. hilarymb

    Wonderful Damyanti – and how fantastic to be able to read the back story between you and Belinda … I hadn’t exactly realised how it started. I do enjoy writing the posts up … and now of course, my mind is open to possibilities that fit the bill … ie positive and peace … so at the end of the month I can join in the blog hop.

    Cheers and as you guess I’ll be there … Hilary

  4. Modern Gypsy

    This is an excellent initiative Damyanti! Let me see if I can join in. I don’t feel like I know any heroes or any positive news to share, so I guess I’ll take a look at other posts to get a better idea of this fest.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Join in, Shinjini. It only needs a bit of positivity– and positive aspects do exist, we just have to look :).

  5. Vasantha Vivek

    Thanks Damyanti for this motivating interview. Now I’m convinced I should take part in #WATWB this month for sure. I also feel for not participating earlier.

  6. Lynda Dietz

    I did it. I signed up for the WATWB tonight. I’ve enjoyed reading so many positive things and realize I know people with positive stories to share.

  7. Sulekha

    Damyanti, you are doing a wonderful thing by sharing positive thoughts and posts by exceptional people. Belinda has mentioned the WATWB, it is much needed in today’s times. Kudos to you both for this initiative, I would love to be a part of this movement and add my two cents to it. Great going 🙂

  8. Bhavya

    In spite of having heard of WATB, I’ve never participated because of not knowing what exactly can be posted. This brings a lot of clarity and I hope to take part from this month onwards.

  9. simonfalk28

    I never cease to be amazed, and, quite often, deeply moved by the stories that each month of WATWB places on our news feeds. Some of us find that it is teaching us to look and listen for good news as near as our homes and workplaces. Thank you Belinda, Damyanti and all who are part of WATWB. 🙂

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Thankyou for your kindness and continued support, Simon. You all make the team what it is.

  10. BellyBytes

    it’s a pleasure meeting your partner in the WATWB which is a great blog hop I enjoy participating in. Thanks for this interview to get to know the person and the way behind this initiative

  11. Lynn

    Reading the various #WATWB posts has been educational and enlightening. I get to learn about so many things and read stories about people doing things that are for the most part, amazing. I hope others will read this wonderful interview and maybe join or help spread the word.

  12. Shalzmojo

    This blogfest is truly amazing and I had been following Dr Roshan’s blog on it all during ATOZ when he posted some really brilliant stories. I think I need to check up on the other bloggers who post on this as the stories made me feel so damned good to know there is so much goodness out there in the world. Thank you for this amazing blogfest – its keeping the faith for someone like me in humanity!

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Ramya, it can be from anywhere online, as long as you’re sure it is not fake. I’ve shared news from online sources so far. Thanks for your interest, and buzz me if you need any help signing up.