How Did You Find This Blog Post? #Blogging

Blog directionBlog promotion, or promotion of any sort, is not really my strong suit.

This blog is old, and does have regular subscribers (Thankyou so much!), but I’ve really never made much of an effort to find out more about how those who read it, get here.

I’m happy that I get to interact with my blog friends, and since this blog is more of a passion than an avenue for monetization, blog promotion has never been on my mind.

Recently, a friend asked me what my blog was about, and what direction I wanted to take it in.

I said, I’d like to keep doing what I do, write about reading, writing, the occasional travel, ask questions about life and blogging, and some about compassion and goodness in our world.

And who is your target audience? This friend said. You could use some targeting, and blog promotion.

I know my readers find the posts on writing useful: I try and interview experts, and host posts from those who know about the business of writing and publishing. As to the rest, folks who come here seem to like the interaction, the freedom to express themselves, and answering questions–most of my posts in recent years have been question-oriented. I’d rather listen than talk, because that way I get to learn much (and of course, hide my foolishness from all and sundry.)

My friend, who knows a thing or two about blogging, says that’s not nearly enough.

To humor my friend, and also because I’m interested, I wanted to ask you: how exactly did you reach this post?

Could you please take a few seconds to click on this poll?

If you’re a subscriber, a follower, or a return visitor (Thanks very much, I’m honored!) what made you return?

For every friend I’ve made on this site, I’m grateful.

I feel like I know you, even though we’ve never met. That we’d get along very well if we do ever get to meet. That I’d love to listen to you talk. In the last 9 years, this blog has sometimes been my lifeline– and even though I’m never too personal here, this blog holds immense personal value.

What about you? Do you know who your target audience is? Do you write to them? Do you know where most of your blog followers come from and why? Do you think that is important? Would like to suggest ways for me to improve this site, and what you’d like to see more or less of?


I co-host the monthly We Are the World Blogfest: I’d like to invite you to join, if you haven’t as yet, to post Fvourite Placethe last Friday of each month a snippet of positive news that shows our essential, beautiful humanity.

This monthly event has brought smiles on the faces of a lot of participants and their audiences, and somewhat restored their faith in humanity. Here’s a sampler. Click here to know more. Sign up here and add your bit of cheer to the world on the next installment this Friday, the September 29th!

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  1. danaethinks

    The first question still isn’t letting me vote, although the second one did this time. Anyway, I received this post through e-mail, but saw it first on Facebook. I’m not sure which of us followed the other first. I guess it’s writer symbiosis!

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Thanks so much for your patience in voting again, Danae. Thanks for subscribing as well– I love that we’re part of a writer symbiosis!

  2. macjam47

    Hi, Damyanti. I’m not sure how we connected, but I would guess it was through the A to Z Challenge. However it was, I’m delighted we’ve connected here and across social media. I always enjoy your posts. Love and hugs, dear friend.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Thanks Vishal, will check it out. Thanks for the kind words on my writing and your frequent visits.

  3. Mark Murata

    I tend to target potential readers of science fiction and fantasy. Occasionally I’ll post things from a writer’s viewpoint, but that should be rare.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      I like your spec fic posts and reviews, and they keep me returning to your blog!

  4. laughingatthesky1

    Damyanti you have a great blog filled with interesting content. For me I come to learn how to increase my reach on my own blog. I’ve thought of asking if I might hire you (or somehow exchange added comments, follows and likes) to set up a google group for me specific to my target audience which is women who like stories of women of courage, followers of books like Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, and memoir writers. Thanks for the great work you do—and your awesome blog.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Thanks Heidi, and like I said on FB, let’s aim for end October. Nudge me if I’m being scatterbrained, please 🙂

  5. writershilpa

    I saw that picture of the parakeet on this post and was stunned! I HAVE a parakeet at home and this pic looked just like my pet’s! And in one of your earlier posts, you had a picture of a cute little dog! I have always found your posts interesting whenever I visited, but the picture of the dog and the parakeet made me feel like there’s some connection between the you and me!
    Now about your question – most of my blog visitors come from the few blogging groups I am a member of. But, mine being a new blog( I moved my old blog to WP and renamed it and renovated it, too), I would love it if I have more visitors! 🙂 So, am working on it..:)

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Shilpa, I love all kinds of animals, so I use their images on my blog quite often. You must link me to pics of your parakeet!

      Thanks for stopping by, and I shall attempt to be a more regular visitor and add to the hit counter on your blog.

      • writershilpa

        Aww, thank you so much, Damyanti! That’s so sweet of you! <3
        And, it's really wonderful to have another animal lover-blogger friend! I have shared some pictures of my babies on Instagram.

  6. Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    I have learnt lots of things related to writing and the posts for blogfest.
    Interviews also very interesting…those tells so many stories, explains so many dimensions.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Thanks, Jyotirmoy!

      I’m glad some of my posts are useful to you.

      I love all the travel pics you post on your site.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Thankyou–and I’m a fan of yours! So touched that you read all of my AZ fiction. That was a cool exercise for me and I loved writing a story a day!

      You’ve been such a kind friend over the years–I’m fortunate to have connected with you. Hugs!!

  7. Parul Thakur

    I started following you two years ago. It started with A to Z challenge if I’m not wrong. Your posts on writing are insightful and that’s why I’m usually reading posts here. I don’t just visit to return visits. I voted so that you have the data. 🙂
    coming to the questions you asked, like you I don’t monetise my blog but your questions made me think if I’m writing for myself or my blogger friends. Sometimes I wonder if those who are reading me are just bloggers? If that’s the case, they could be paying back visits. But looking at it positively, even bloggers visit cos the content strikes a chord. Isn’t it? 🙂
    I’d love to read some personal posts Damyanti 🙂

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Thankyou, Parul, for the follow, the support, the vote, and your kind comment.

      I’ve never really been concerned with numbers, only focused on friends like you whose lives have touched mine over the years.

      Blogging to me is all about community: Thankyou for being such a kind and giving part of mine.

  8. simonfalk28

    Damyanti, I’m sorry, but I think I messed up the algorithms on the poll. Honestly, all the fields seemed to apply and it didn’t like that. I don’t remember whether I followed you from WordPress or email subscription. But I do remember I was already a follower when you went to the self hosted format. I keep following because I like your interviews with writers and bloggers, your literary interests, because I learn so much from you and for your care for the interconnectedness of life. At 39,0000 plus followers I’m not sure whether the question of your target audience is necessary – you have a mammoth reach already! But, what is more significant, is the way and tone in which you reach us. I am grateful for the privilege of being part of your blogging community. I am sure others are too.

    • curtisbausse

      I couldn’t express it better than Simon Falk – I don’t think there’s anything you need to learn or improve in your blogging. Your personality shines through and that’s what counts and what appeals.

      • Damyanti Biswas

        That’s so very kind of you to say. This blog exists largely due to the kindness of its visitors.

        You guys inspire me to keep posting.

        Thankyou for your consistent support.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Thanks for being such a great friend to me and this blog over the years, Simon.

      We are connected in all online ways possible, and the pleasure and privilege is all mine: I enjoy your poems and your other posts, and am very appreciative of your support of WATWB.

      You’re a kind, generous presence on this site, and I’m fortunate to have met you. Grateful for the vote of confidence. It is readers like you that make this blog such a positive, welcoming space for everyone.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      I’m one lucky blogger with a lovely stalker like you! Hugs, Inderpreet. We must meet irl soon.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Ian, we’ve been blog friends for years, and I first clicked through a comment you’d left on my blog to find your stories.

      Been hooked ever since!

  9. Rajlakshmi

    I found your blog through a to Z challenge… And believe me I used to read your stories twice because they were so excellently written. You are a fabulous writer and I am so happy that I came across your blog. You don’t have to worry too much about readership… Your content is amazing, one story is enough to draw every one in. 😊

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Rajlakshmi, A to Z has been so great for my blog and my writing–I’ll always be grateful to Lee and Alex for introducing me to it.

      Thankyou for your lovely words–it is your support and that of others that keeps me going on this blog. It will turn a decade old next year!

  10. APsychoBabbles

    I love this post. I found you through other blogs I follow. I started off blogging my writing and poetry but now it is whatever comes to mind. I am grateful for all my followers and just happy people find me amusing.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Thanks for letting me know how you found me, and your comment. I’m your follower, as well.

  11. cath

    How did I reach you? I think you found me first, and when I returned your visit I found plenty to interest me so I kept re-visiting. Your poll didn’t allow me to tick every option, but I should have. I enjoy the variety of your posts. I like your stories too, and your questions.

    I’m glad you feel you know us, because I also feel like I know you. Isn’t it wonderful that we can make worldwide connections like this?

    • Damyanti Biswas

      I’m so relieved that you don’t mind the variety of posts. I do write on a few themes/ topics that interest me, but can’t call this a niche blog– it is neither a personal blog, nor a writing blog, nor a travel blog– but some sort of a mix. I haven’t been able to satisfactorily answer any ‘targeting’ or ‘focus’ questions, so that has been nagging me a bit.

      But as long as I make friends and can chat with like-minded folks, I don’t really care. Thanks for your consistent support, Cath, and I do hope I’m able to offer some in return.

      I agree that we can make such beautiful worldwide connections– this community is what I love about blogging.

  12. authorsinspirations

    hi, i checked the first 3, because i’m a subscriber, a follower and i clicked on a tag. i don’t know which was first – i clicked the three. i also stop by whenver the post is interesting. i’m also a return kind of person. i clicked two there. but ‘vote’ didn’t click, so i’ll leave a comment for you to know.

  13. marthaspencil

    I THINK I came to your blog through Twitter, which I rarely use, when you menteepioned a post on my blog, which I rarely add new posts to. It’s not that I’m lazy, I just don’t have time. I also have some pieces on a Web site (yes, that’s the correct way to write it), I enjoy your advice from writers, editors, literary agents, etc.–it’s as good as gossip to me. I’m working on an expansion of my by-lined story in The New York Times “Modern Love.” So far, it’s a very short novella. Keep blogging!

    • Damyanti Biswas

      That’s a great project to be working on Martha! Thankyou so much for your support–I’m glad that you enjoy the posts from the publishing industry. The site explodes with hits on the days I post them, so I suppose they’re helping, in some way.

  14. Ruth

    I too blog for fun, for personal passion rather than for promotional or business reasons so my preference is for reading other blogs maintained in the same vein. I really love making contact with other bloggers for everyday social interaction rather than for formal networking, so as long as you continue to blog about what interests you personally – even if interspersed with other stuff – I’m always happy to follow you or anybody else! 🙂

  15. writteningeek

    Thanks for this post. I’ve been reassessing what I want to do with mine, so tomorrow’s post will be putting that question out to my followers. It’s always good to review once and a while.

  16. hilarymb

    Hi Damyanti – I like building relationships with bloggers (I only blog) … but do feel I ‘know’ fellow bloggers and can ask questions etc … also we usually get intelligent comments – I’d rather have fewer followers/commenters than millions (well proverbial!) who just put ‘good post’ … it doesn’t take much to relate to a good blog post – and yours are. I’m not good with ephemeral … fascinating in geology … but not socially!

    Love that friends have been around for the time I or they have been blogging … amazes me!

    One could extract booklets out of the blog and publish those …

    Also our friends have loads of followers – so then I’d ask and I hope enlist their help in spreading the marketing aspect … one day!!

    Cheers – now to read others’ comments – Hilary

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Agree with you, Hilary, that it is the quality, not quantity that matters.

      Thanks for you consistent support. I appreciate your comments and visits!

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Hi Sue, You’ve been a very good one, down the years! These long-term relationships is what I love about blogging. Thankyou so much for all the comment love.

  17. Alex J. Cavanaugh (@AlexJCavanaugh)

    One of the reasons for returning should have been because I like you!
    My blog is a split between reaching writers and reaching my readers. Which is why I’ll review a science fiction movie during IWSG post day to balance it out.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Aw, that’s super-kind of you to say! You’re my ninja-blogging hero– I find it incredible– the energy and momentum you bring to your blogging–despite a full-time job and your writing career.

      I love how you collect so much news–you hit just the right spot with all your posts.

  18. Dan Antion

    I don’t think about a target audience. My blog is kind of random and I think it appeals to different people on different days. That’s OK with me. I appreciate the followers I have, but I don’t try to change what I write to accommodate them.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Nor do I– my blog is a bit random as well. Not sure who it appeals to, and why, but this is an interesting, if informal exercise in finding out.

    • Ally Bean

      I’m with Dan. I write on a variety of topics that interest me and events that happen in my personal life. It’s an eclectic mix that seems to attract an equally eclectic mix of friends and followers. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

      • Damyanti Biswas

        Ally, I seem to be exactly like you and Dan. I have friends from all parts of the globe with all sorts of interests, and I love it!

        Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again, soon.

  19. leighanneileithyia

    Thank you for this post! I have been trying to discover my “target audience” and have been looking for ways to reach out, engage, and diversify this group. As a new blogger, I am just thankful for my new readers and any feedback I receive. I also find tips from long-term bloggers like yourself very useful as I embark on this journey. Looking forward to joining the We Are the World Blogfest! -Warm regards, Leighann

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Hi Leighann, welcome to this site. I do hope you join the WATWB family :).

      I’m not great with tips, but if you look up the tabs on top, there’s a page where I’ve collected posts with a ton of advice from my readers. My audience is way smarter than I am, and to be honest, they have much more to teach me, than I, them.

  20. Susan Scott

    Lovely post Damyanti thank you! No I have no idea who my target audience is – and from where they all come I am unsure. The US mostly even though I live in South Africa. I have a few very good internet friends who live in the US. I interact with a few like you from Asian countries which of course is a pleasure! I hope this finds you well 🙂

    • Damyanti Biswas

      I have a few blog-friends in South Africa, and am so happy to work with you on the #WATWB. I’m (belatedly) trying to understand who my target audience is– more out of curiosity than strategy, I must confess.

  21. Alok Singhal

    I don’t monetize my site too, i have decent earnings via Instagram though. It is good to read your posts whenever i get to…i am not too much active because of my full-time job.

    • Damyanti Biswas

      Earnings via Instagram? I know folks in fashion are able to monetize their Instagram accounts. Cool that you can do that– what’s your id– so we can all follow along? Thanks for your kind words on my posts. Much appreciated 🙂

      • Alok Singhal

        Yes, i photograph for brands there…have done it for many brands in the US. My ID is the_learning_step. Btw, before you think of following me, just a caution that i am only following my wife…so won’t follow back 🙂

        • Damyanti Biswas

          That made me smile :). I shall not expect you to follow me– no such expectations form any of my internet friends.

            • Damyanti Biswas

              Nope. No expectations here. Everyone on my blog is a friend, and that’s how I treat them. This survey is more of a curiosity for me than anything else.