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Project Why Fundraising Circle

Want to Watch a #Blogging Family Come Together? #WATWB

To spread peace and humanity on social media, a few of us have worked together to create  We are the World Blogfest , which is here with its 19th edition.  wonderful bloggers helping cohost this month: Eric Lahti , Inderpreet Uppal, Shilpa Garg, Peter Nena, and yours truly . Go visit the Others please, and thank…

blogging troubles

Where are you at, this Wednesday? #WednesdayWisdom

The dynamic duo Natasha and Esha host the #WordlessWednesday list –-and I’m joining in today for two reasons: one, blogging hasn’t been easy lately, and a Wordless post should be easier, right? Two, I’d rather be wordless these days: words need energy, and I have none. Recovery from the slump has been slow. All I…