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Would You Bless This Story of Young Love? #WATWB

We are the World Blogfest is here with its third edition. To spread peace and humanity on social media, a few of us have worked together to create the We are the World Blogfest, and the cohosts for the April 2017 WATWB are: Emerald Barnes, Eric Lahti, Inderpreet Uppal,  Lynn Hallbrooks,  Peter Nena, Roshan Radhakrishnan, ——-…

Thinking of #London and We are the World #WATWB

Almost one year ago, I walked the streets of London, and spent time with good friends, along with working harder than ever on my writing. Today, from deep within my editing cave, I think back on those times. After news of Westminster broke this morning, I’ve scrolled through my snapshots a fair number of times.…

What Object Do You Cherish and Why? #CBF16 #blogging

I’ve stared at this photo in the past years, and imagined her growing up, growing older, falling in love, getting married, becoming a mother.

But there she sits, a teenager on a sunny afternoon, surrounded by classmates, ‘tiffins’ full of food, steel dinner plates (in the days before the scourge of plastic and thermocol), a skinny street dog behind her and that confident half-smirk-smile she always wore. And there I am, by her side, unknowing that one day, this photograph would be all I would have of her, as I sit at my table, writing.