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What is Your Blog About?

What is your blog about? What do you talk about, when you talk about blogging? What’s your niche? Your brand? Why would people read you? Someone I know and respect asked me these questions last week, and I was stumped. My blog is a bit of everything: author interviews,  my writing life, travel, issues of…


How long have we known each other? 10th Anniversary post! #blogging

This blog has been around for ten years, and as on each year, it’s time for the customary anniversary post. I can’t believe it–feels like I made the first post yesterday. But I made the first post in 2008, and since then, I’ve stayed in Kuala lumpur and back again in Singapore. I’ve also made…

Blogging break

What have You Written Recently? #writing

When life intervenes, my blog suffers, because blogging is a passion, but it is also a distraction. For the last few weeks I’ve had personal challenges, as well as a stint in the revision trenches. But more than that, I think it was a period of gathering into myself, of unplugging almost totally from blogging…

What Do You Cherish in Your Life? #CBF17

How long have you been blogging? Have you taken part in any blogfests? Organised them? If yes, have blogfests helped your blog? Do you have many blog friends? Do you share stories with them? Are you signing up for the CHERISHED Blogfest?

If you’re reading this, but don’t have a blog, head over to the discussion on Daily (w)rite’s Facebook Page, where we’re talking about online friendships.