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Are You Happy? #Happiness #Life

At each significant stage of my life, whether it was the first day of school, or college or moving to a new place, or marriage, well-meaning friends and relatives have asked me: are you happy? I’ve given garbled responses, of course, because unlike common belief on the subject, there is no yes or no answer,…

How have you been? #life

Life has its way of forcing you into what you need. For the past several days, that’s what it has done to me: given me enforced bed rest. I haven’t been keeping well this year, and this weekend brought another crash. Weather in Singapore being its hot and humid tropical best, I’m trying to stay…

How Much of Yourself Do You Put on the Page?

One of the questions I often get from those starting out on the fiction writing life is this: what if I piss off people with what I write? What if people recognise themselves in my characters?

Personally, I write what I don’t know a lot of the time, which keeps things interesting for me–so there’s little danger that some of my real-life friends, family, and acquaintances will recognize themselves in my writing.