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How do you disagree on #SocialMedia?

In the last few months, social media has seemed an unsafe place. Because I have friends all over the world, I see their beliefs on my timeline. Each day I spend not having reacted to some of the views posted on there, I feel like I’ve aced some sort of test. While I’ve limited my…

What do you plan this New Year? #HappyNewYear

One of the most moving poets alive today, Mary Oliver, is 40 years older than me. In her words I find my voice this New Year’s Eve. This is an excerpt from In Blackwater Woods: “To live in this world you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold…

Have You Read Speculative Poetry?

I’ve really enjoyed reading Shelly’s poetry and have written about it. Have you ever read speculative poetry? Would you like to give it a try? (I’ll be giving out copies of Shelly’s book to two randomly chosen commenters.) Do you have questions for Shelly Bryant?

Where, according to you, are #poetry and #art born?

And when its difficulties intensify, you find yourself longing to leave that world and dwell in some easier one–and then, when you understand at last that difficulties will dog you wherever you may live, this is when poetry and art are born.

Do you agree with Natsume Sōseki? Where according to you, are poetry and art born? Are pain and difficulties necessary?

Photo Fables #32 – For Damyanti Writes

I follow blogs if I like a few posts on it. When I came across The Fortune Artist, I loved the poems and stories on there. I didn’t really understand that these were dedicated to the blogs/ bloggers who followed this blog– so when I received a mail offering to write a piece based on a picture I send, I was surprised. I sent it in, without expecting much, but I was overwhelmed when I got this.