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What have You Published Recently? #writing #reading

Writing and getting published are both challenging. Some people call it fun. For me it is work. Occasionally joyful work, but work, nonetheless. Most of my joy comes right after I’ve finished writing something. Publication brings validation, the much-needed pat-on-the back that we fragile creative souls need from time to time. I received a small…

Have You Mispronounced Words Cos You’ve Only Ever Read Them? #AmReading

Reading has been a lifelong passion, and English not my native tongue, so I’ve had a few embarrassing moments of not knowing how to correctly pronounce words that I’ve read and written often. (I used to mispronounce ‘vehemently’ as ‘Ve-He-mently’ for some time before I heard it spoken in a TV series.) So it was…

What’s the Best Book You’ve Ever Read? #AmReading

What’s your ‘best book ever’ — this was a question I came across in a reading group. A lot of readers named the Potter series, some listed romance and scifi titles, and the rest came down hard on them, for not appreciating ‘the classics’ and ‘literary’ books. To me, the word ‘best’ is subjective, in…

Do You Read more Men or Women #Authors ? #amreading #books

Does the gender of the author matter to you when you pick a book to read? Please qualify that with the genre you read: romance or scifi or crime or literary etc. Do you know if you’ve read more books by women than men? What books by women would you recommend to me and all the readers of this blog?