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How much Local Literature Do You Read? #BuySingLit

#BuySingLit : A Singaporean Reading Initiative As a voracious reader and a hard-working writer, I dream of a world where reading is promoted and writers find support. In Singapore, the country I call home, it does not look like an improbable dream, with initiatives like #BuySingLit. From Feb 24 to 26 2017, Singapore will host…

Got questions for a noted #author and creative #writing teacher ?

Since I live and write out of Singapore, it features in a major way on this blog and in my writing. I’ve been posting writing advice and interviews from creative writing and publishing experts, and today, one of the luminaries of the current Singapore literary scene, Felix Cheong, has agreed to a chat here at Daily (w)rite. I get to ask him a bunch of questions about creative writing, his work, Singapore, and how all these three mesh together. Feel free to add questions of your own after you’ve read his interview.

Haze in #Singapore , #sgHaze in My Mind

For the last week or so, Singapore has been enveloped in a haze. The PSI readings have at times reached 370, where anything above 100 is considered ‘unhealthy’, anything above 200 is ‘very unhealthy’ and above 300 is ‘hazardous’.

This is due to fires set to palm plantations and forests in Indonesia, to clear land for more palm plantations. The plantations are privately owned by Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian companies, who are slashing and burning, resulting in unprecedented smog in Singapore. None of them looks interested enough in finding a solution, because the problem goes back decades. Singapore says Indonesia is responsible, Indonesia says Singapore is behaving like a kid.

Writing from Kuching, Sarawak on New Year’s Day

I tried all of yesterday to remember what I did last New Year, and came up with nothing…nada. Must have been a quiet new year, or I’m growing really old. I remember the year before that, was a quiet one again, in Singapore, watching the flares go up from the ships on the bay.