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ANcient Cedar Walk Japan Hakone

Bits and Pieces of #Japan: Japanese sights in Hakone, Odawara

Been out and about in Tokyo and Hakone the past few days. Having been here before (blogged about it here), I can look at Tokyo with eyes that aren’t dazzled by newness. The natural beauty is as usual stupendous, as is the deliberateness with which it is curated by Japanese whenever and wherever they get the chance. This being summer, hydrangeas throng the countryside, and some of them have found their way into my blog header above.

Donatella Versace on my blog

During my work, I have written about Versace here and also about Donatella—I thought I should provide the links, so interested people can get to the right stuff. I’m not sure this is the sort of info they’re looking for, because usually the searches include the terms “without make-up” and “fake boobs”, but I can’t please everyone, can I ?