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What have you been #reading ?

Reading novels and short stories has been my salvation for as long as I can remember. In the past few months, I’ve struggled with travel and other family issues, and reading has once again come to the rescue. These novels and short stories have been on my bedside table: I’ve dipped into one or the…

#AtoZchallenge #flashfiction: R for Rather than give in to temptation

Mum says it is evil to steal.

Sure, the first time you try it, you go Gawd I can’t do this, but then you’ve picked it up and chucked it in your handbag, your fingers shoved into your pockets to keep them from trembling, blood singing in your ears as you wait for the alarms to squeal on you, and then you’re out, striding out into the daylight, and they tell you they’d cut the tags out for you and ask you how you feel, and you tell them you’re doing great, just awesome. You want to do it again.

#AtoZchallenge #flashfiction: P for Postponement is not an option

I sit on me front porch, thinkin’ Sunday morning thoughts, when they drive up, the two fat coppers.

Where’s Moses?, the taller of the two hook his finger on his belt, and don’t waste our time.

Only Moses I know, I tell them, parted the Red Sea.

No punchin’ the toadstool around me. Moses he turn me ‘to a fairy if I squeal. Better put out for coppers than Moses.

My nose bust next second, one long whine in me ears, blood on me mouth, warm ‘n icky. Usual stuff.

#AtoZchallenge #flashfiction: O for Only once did she stop and think..

She woke up to his pictures on Facebook. Not on her timeline, you understand, but a stranger’s, a woman she’d met at a party the night before, her latest Facebook friend.

He’d put on weight. Flecks of grey and white had touched his hair. His smile, though. His smile looked the same. Or did it?

Her fingers traced the screen. If only she could enter it, stand beside him, hold his arm as he smiled at the camera, lay her head on the suit that hugged his shoulders.

Could she once again be the reason he smiled, just like she once was on that spring morning when his fingers had combed her curls, played with her dinner clothes, taken them off, letting his fingers and hands and the sun warm her? They had danced and sung and chugged down wine all night. What day was that, the day after a friend’s wedding, or Fourth of July? That day when all seemed hazy, only them, their bodies, had a certain ripe solidity– too full, with too much of life. She could not remember.