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Do you have questions for #bestselling author Patrick Wensink? #writing

Patrick Wensink, is a bestselling author of three books and articles in several reputed journals. His recent book Fake Fruit Factory is as moving as it is funny. Have Questions for Patrick Wensink? Would you like to read Fake Fruit Factory? Patrick’s publisher Curbside Splendor Publishing will send a free copy of the book to one of the bloggers commenting on the interview at the blog.

What are you #reading?

I’ve been on a hiatus, more about it on my other blog, here and here. Long story short, I was in Yangon, Myanmar, last week with no book to read. I walked out on the pavements, and also to the Bagan Bookshop (a rather interesting little place with loads of books discarded by foreign tourists…

What does our #Writing bring us?

Ursula K Le Guin is one of my much-loved authors.  I loved the Left Hand of Darkness when I first read it more than a decade ago, and I adore her Earthsea series. Last week, I saw her acceptance speech for her National Award, and it made me tear up just a little bit, especially…