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Belated #writemotivation Roundup

 On this blog, this is my 501st post. Didn’t realize that I’d crossed 500! Spread over 5 years, that isn’t much, but it is still better than nothing. Now for the belated #writemotivation roundup: Author friend and blog + twitter pal K T Hanna runs a twitter hashtag for writers, the #writemotivation , where writers…

Have You Tried Writing First Thing in the Morning?

Each morning I wake up fresh from dreaming and spill it out on the blank page coloring it with emotions, anguish and joy be as it may with no direction, purpose or censorship.

Frequently called the morning pages, it is a warmup practice adopted by many fiction writers. I sometimes fill the notebook with nonsense. Actually, most times. But amid the gibberish, I sometimes find gems, kernels of stories, or characters.

Have You Ever Written in the Dark?

Lately, I’ve been reading author interviews on The Paris Review, and came upon this fascinating snippet from Nicholas Baker: INTERVIEWER Were you actually typing in the dark? BAKER Yes. I had a couple different laptops because they were not all that dependable, and one of them had a slider bar. I could slide the screen…

Does Your #amWriting Scare You?

I often sit and write with other writers. We use writing prompts and then let loose on paper. Last week, my friend put down her pen in the middle of her writing, drank up her entire cup of coffee, and shivered a little. When I asked her, she said, my writing scared me just now.…