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What does your Muse look like?

I’ve known for a while what my writing muse looks like. I’ve always been fascinated with Betta fish, and this is my latest, Sukhwant Singh. Male Betta fish are lonely creatures (yes, my muse is male, so sue me!), they are fiercely protective of their territory, and they are so goddamn flashy, temperamental, voracious, and…

What My Angelfish Pair Taught Me About Writing

But I’ve learned the passion of creation by their example: write like mad, polish them like mad, submit like mad, and even if the babies come to nothing, set about making my writing babies again.

And just like with the angelfish babies, rejoice that they lived and swam free, at least for a while.

Who knows, maybe someday, one of the angelfish babies would survive. It would become more than a tiny tadpole, actually grow fins and swim at large.

In the meanwhile, what I and my angelfish can do is create, with passion and commitment. Results be damned.