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Are You Happy? #Happiness #Life

At each significant stage of my life, whether it was the first day of school, or college or moving to a new place, or marriage, well-meaning friends and relatives have asked me: are you happy? I’ve given garbled responses, of course, because unlike common belief on the subject, there is no yes or no answer,…

#Performance vs #Happiness: Are You Happy?

When we were kids, our parents applauded when we performed, whether at school, or extra-curricular activities.
I believe that this led to a sort of cycle where our happiness depended on others being happy with us. In order to keep others happy, we do whatever it takes– and this is considered a good thing.

Does Daydreaming Make You Unhappy?

As a friend on Facebook said today after reading this article on daydreaming, Harvard needs to find a different field of study.————————————– People spend about 47 per cent of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they are doing and this mind-wandering makes them unhappy, according to a Harvard study. Unlike other animals,…

Writing on Happiness in Writing

This is what celebrated writer Colm Toibin has to say about writing and its emotional content: “Oh there’s no pleasure. Except that I don’t have to work for anyone who bullies me. I write with a sort of grim determination to deal with things that are hidden and difficult and this means, I think, that…