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Writing about Luigi Pirandello, English, Italian

I’m reading Eleven Short Stories or Undici Novelle by the Nobel Laureate Luigi Pirandello. It is a dual language book, and for a lover of Italian and of short stories, a rare piece of indulgence.

What I love about the book is not just Pirandello’s masterful storytelling, somewhat reminiscent of Chekov, but also the lyrical quality of the Italian, when I read it just after the English version. With English you have to make an effort to make your lines sound lyrical, spoken Italian is music itself.

Writing about Italian and a short break

I hate the fact that my blogging is the first thing to be axed when I get into a demanding schedule, but that can’t be helped, I guess. Come Monday I go in for my CELI 3 exams, and so the blog has to go on a short hiatus. See you all Tuesday, and have a great weekend, all!

Writing about My Vacation in Italian

With my Italian exams drawing near, I’ve taken to writing, reading and speaking Italian as much as I can. I sent my teacher a paragraph on my Kenyir Vacation, and here’s the corrected version.

Writing about Fake, Over-the-Top Venice

I am not writing about Venice, but about The Venetian, a casino hotel in Macau.

I have been here since yesterday, and so far, I’m quite taken with the experience, attracted and repelled at the same time.

The casino, of course, is out-of-bounds for cameras, so I have no pictures. To me, the overwhelming first impression was of a colorful fish market, only without the stench and the noise.

Writing about Translating The Shadow of the Wind into Italian

I have been writing about my decision to translate paragraphs at random into Italian from books I have read and liked, and here is the second of such posts.

The book is the originally Spanish bestseller The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, which I picked up about two months ago, and found intriguing, especially because it is a thriller about a book.