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Where are you with your #NanoWriMo Prep? #Writing

Tomorrow, Nanowrimo begins. I try not to write too much about my writing process (it is about as pretty and appetizing as sausage-making, or stuffing a turkey.) I can only hope what I put on the table at the end of it doesn’t turn your stomach. But this November, I’m making an exception (you can…

How to Structure a Novel #Writetip

Here on Daily (w)rite, author and editor Michael Dellert has spoken about how start a novel, a post that continues to be popular. Today he’s here to talk about story structure, with fantastic tips on how to structure a novel, some of which I highlight below for you in blue. ——————– Many writers don’t consider…

How do you go from being Insecure to Secure? #IWSG #amwriting

So, dear writer friends, how do you stay secure? All my bloggy friends (who I’m so terrified of losing because of the domain change)– any words of advice? All my reader friends, will you buy The Forge Anthology ? Are we following each other on Twitter and Facebook ?