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Elizabeth Bishop poem

When Did You Last Read a Poem? #poetry

When life gets me down, I take refuge in poetry. I read a poem every day, first thing in the morning for a long time now, and like one of those fragrance diffusers, this practice perfumes my days. Today’s poem was One Art by Elizabeth Bishop. I love her work, but this one in particular…

Have You Read Speculative Poetry?

I’ve really enjoyed reading Shelly’s poetry and have written about it. Have you ever read speculative poetry? Would you like to give it a try? (I’ll be giving out copies of Shelly’s book to two randomly chosen commenters.) Do you have questions for Shelly Bryant?

In Which We Meet Gary Pennick in a Poetic Mood

I’ve known Gary to be a blogger mostly humorous, caustic, a rebel, a non-conformist, a non-liker of all things social media in his own unique way. He has very active Twitter and Facebook accounts, in which he promotes fellow bloggers, for which we are all thankful. So much so that he has an Anti-Blogfest Gary…

Photo Fables #32 – For Damyanti Writes

I follow blogs if I like a few posts on it. When I came across The Fortune Artist, I loved the poems and stories on there. I didn’t really understand that these were dedicated to the blogs/ bloggers who followed this blog– so when I received a mail offering to write a piece based on a picture I send, I was surprised. I sent it in, without expecting much, but I was overwhelmed when I got this.

A Sharp Silence: poem to my Muse

Un sasso tondo, levigato, colto e scagliato con un gesto d’ira che mi avrebbe colpito in piena fronte, non questo silenzio acuminato dritto nel cuore senza sparger sangue. ~Marcello Comitini Roughly, (and very ineptly) translated– A round stone, polished, picked and hurled in a gesture of ire which would’ve hit me square on the brow,…