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Want #Writing Tips from Author Paul McVeigh? #IWSG

Life has kept me away for a while, but I’m back with the ongoing guest post series. It is my absolute pleasure today to welcome to this site award-winning author and writing teacher, Paul McVeigh. The highlights of his insightful responses are marked in blue. 1. At what age did you start writing fiction? What…

Roz Morris Writing advice

Want #Writing and #SocialMedia Tips from Author and Book Doctor, Roz Morris? #IWSG

Here on Daily (w)rite, as part of the ongoing guest post series, it is my absolute pleasure today to welcome to this site author Roz Morris, whose blog has been an essential part of my writing life. She’s an award-nominated author, book doctor, ghostwriter and writing teacher. The highlights of her insightful responses are marked…

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What have You Published Recently? #writing #reading

Writing and getting published are both challenging. Some people call it fun. For me it is work. Occasionally joyful work, but work, nonetheless. Most of my joy comes right after I’ve finished writing something. Publication brings validation, the much-needed pat-on-the back that we fragile creative souls need from time to time. I received a small…