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Been to the Twilight Tales in #Singapore ? #reading

Have you been to a literary event recently? What sort of literary event do you like the most? Ever listened to a beloved author read? Does the author have the same voice as the book when you read it yourself? Does the Literary or Book Council in your country support literary events similar to this one?

If you live in Singapore, have you been to Twilight Tales? Which author would you like to see at Twilight Tales?

Got questions for a noted #author and creative #writing teacher ?

Since I live and write out of Singapore, it features in a major way on this blog and in my writing. I’ve been posting writing advice and interviews from creative writing and publishing experts, and today, one of the luminaries of the current Singapore literary scene, Felix Cheong, has agreed to a chat here at Daily (w)rite. I get to ask him a bunch of questions about creative writing, his work, Singapore, and how all these three mesh together. Feel free to add questions of your own after you’ve read his interview.