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How Do Notions of Privacy Affect your #Writing and Life ?

Like many others of my time, I spend a fair chunk of my real life online. I’ve been mulling about Privacy, abut our private and public selves. About who we are, who we project ourselves as, about how much of our privacy we cede away to the notions of convenience, entertainment, and security. Our governments…

How do You Reduce #SocialMedia Angst?

Editing has exhausted me this entire week. Add to the fact that I was unwell and still don’t feel a hundred per cent and there’s this tendency to droop and focus on gloom and doom. My social media feed full of news of carnage, aggressive conversations without nuance or patience, and stories about leaders, who…

Are You On #Feedly ? #socialmedia

Hope to discuss all things Reading, Writing, Travel, and maybe a bit of Social awareness / Culture/ Philosophy. in the spirit of connections, maybe all of us who comment and chat at this space could connect on other social media as well. Some of you I already chat with on Twitter and Facebook, but others, not so much. A lot of us are on G+ too, and on Goodreads.

Hoping to follow all of you on your social media profiles, so please leave yours in the comments.

Do You Need a #SocialMedia Detox? #writing

In a conversation today, I realized that my social media life is 6 years old.

Before that, I didn’t possess a smartphone, didn’t have Facebook, or Twitter. I see its good points– it has put me in touch with some fantastic people, my reading list comes curated by the reading, writing, publishing and life experts I’ve followed and friend-ed.

But no matter how much it gives me, it also takes away– I’ve become less focused these days. In my writing, but also, deplorably, in my reading. My attention span has reduced, and I find myself wanting to multi-task. What role does social media play in your life? What social media are you part of? What needs does it fulfill? Do you primary interact with your friends online or offline? Do you think you need a social media detox?