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Do authors need social media?

Do Authors Need to be on #socialmedia ? #IWSG

Here on Daily (w)rite, as part of the guest post series, it is my absolute pleasure today to welcome author Chrys Fey who gives wonderful pointers on author promotions despite not being on social media. — Authors don’t need to be on social media if they don’t want to be. Nowadays, social media can be…

Are We #Following Each Other? #socialmedia

Hope to discuss all things Reading, Writing, Travel, and maybe a bit of Social awareness / Culture/ Philosophy. in the spirit of connections, maybe all of us who comment and chat at this space could connect on other social media as well. Some of you I already chat with on Twitter and Facebook, but others, not so much. A lot of us are on G+ too, and on Goodreads.

Hoping to follow all of you on your social media profiles, so please leave yours in the comments.