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Do you warm up before you start on your #WIP ?

I write often at a food court in one of the shopping malls in the neighbourhood. Today I have 600 words already under my belt when I set off, so I do not feel that fear which always accompanies an empty page. But I do have to start a chapter, and that is hard.

Sometimes the best way to write is just wait for it to come, and surround myself with the hum of conversation, with the clatter of cutlery thrown against ceramic plates, the muted screech of chairs drawn out from under the tables, the whir of the food processor as yet another milkshake is born.

Writing from a prompt

As I mentioned before, writing prompts work very well from me. My friend Ee Leen suggested the books 3. a.m Epiphany, and 4 a.m. breakthrough, and both have been fantastic finds in terms of prompting new writing and also, very important, learning the craft of writing. I like this exercise from 4. a.m Breakthrough, which…