For the Love of Writing

I have been guilty of these. ( I was just seeing it in my last post.) I think most writers at some point of time have been guilty of these.

Long, wordy writings, I mean.

We writers LOVE those.

Sometimes we get so carried away with the beauty of what we are writing, we forget what we were writing about in the first place.

The editor does not, however.

So, when in LOVE (with writing), KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweet!)

Enough said.

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  1. DG

    Yes, Bob, I have been thinking a lot about writing short, punchy stuff rather than drone on and on.

  2. DrBob

    Good advice dg, one of my favourite authors is Raymond Carver and I know his technique involved multiple revisions to pare away more and more of the original words, leaving only those he considered necessary. And he does that so well! He can pack a huge emotional punch in very, very few (short) words!
    Bob (