Moving out of writer’s block

writer's block ways to go out of it
Writer’s block is sometimes like taking a bath in cold water on a winter day.

You are so reluctant to touch the cold water that you’d rather skip a bath!

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But taking a cold bath on a cold day could be a refreshing experience. I have tried it, and come out rejuvenated every time.(Though I took care to bundle myself up afterwards;) ).

Writing through a block is like stepping into that cold water, once it is done all your nerve endings are awake, and you may bet your fingers are flying again!

So I am letting the writer in me take a cold bath. Write, write hard, and keep writing so all the nonsense blocking me up goes out of my system. and maybe all of the good stuff can pour out on to the page.

I should emerge quite nerve-wracked, but full of ideas at the other end…

What do you do when you’re going through a writer’s block? 

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