Writing about not writing

I don’t think I have written a single meaningful word since I last posted here, and I don’t expect this post to be meaningful either. Sometimes the personal has a way of taking over the professional.

But I have decided that writing is like going to the gym, if you do not flex your muscles for a while they have a tendency to diminish, and even atrophy.
I am away from home, in circumstances that are extremely trying at their best, and with very limited internet access.
But flex my muscles I must, so here I am. And I am not alone in thinking this way either, here is another blog that talks about the same thing.

I am often left wondering as to how different people fight when life brings them down: I have seen some break down and cry, some put up a brave front, and some who are genuinely stoic.

I have been trying to categorize myself these past weeks. Let us hope I manage to do it by the time this terrible spate of crises gets over. Everything passes in life, and thankfully, this too shall pass.

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  1. DG

    Thanks indigo, I am at the gym now, trying to flex my writing muscles as much as I can, so I can keep up when the goddess of writing decides to take me for a ride next!