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  1. damyantig









    I thank you all for dropping by, and for leaving words of solace.

    Going through the experience of having a death in the family is never easy, but it is this shared feeling of community that nearly always gets us through it.

    I thank each one of you once again, and hope you are keeping well.

    P.S.: For those of you who have blogs, I will visit soon. Lensman, I am dropping you an email.

  2. lensman2008

    Damyanti, when I read your brief entry, I felt saddened, not so much for your father-in-law, because he’s been granted relief and I believe he must now be bursting to tell of his new happiness, but mostly for his loved ones who are today feeling drained and sorrowful. He’s left an empty chair at the family hearth, but it’s my belief that he hasn’t gone forever, he’s simply gone ahead. In the meantime, I wish all of you comfort and a swift return to the familiarity of life.

  3. wordinprogress1

    No words can suffice at this time. Just know that our thoughts are with you.

    p.s. Thanks for visiting my blog. Catch you when you get back.

  4. indigobunting

    Oh, I’m so sorry. Your recent travel was related to his health, wasn’t it? I’ll keep you in my thoughts and keep checking back. Safe travels.