Writing About Love Again

Love expresses itself in many ways. One desperate act of love caught my eye this morning on the news: a woman literally bit another dog to save her own dog’s life!

I have been writing about the sort of love that can create bonds between us and our best friends. But I guess this woman wins hands down.

I have been reading “Marley and Me” this last week, and if you are a dog lovers, and have not read it yet, you probably should.

All this has made me miss my sister’s dog, Woof, who has now shifted in with the family and lords it over my dad.

Love woof my dog

For some reason, he loves me to distraction, and acted pretty demented the last time I visited. My dad thinks it is because Woof loves the new coat (see pic) and the harness collar I got him.

I am pretty sure, Woof would bite anyone if he felt my life was threatened.

The question is, would I do the same for him?

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