Writing About Not Writing, YET again!!

I have been patiently waiting for the broadband, so I can begin writing my blogs again, but well, I guess I have to start writing them without it.

Seven days since we applied for the phone and the broadband, but still no show.

I guess Malaysia is a country great for vacationing, the pace so slow, the people so smiley and the food so scrumptious.

But to live in, and get things done, er…., Singapore is miles better. There, after 4 hours of applying, I had my mobile phone connection, TV, broadband and land line, all in one go.

But since Malaysia is where I am, I have to put up with all the smiling, the inefficiency, and do some smiling of my own. Just that it will conceal my gnashing teeth.

Hope I have some teeth left by the time I get my broadband.

Thanks to all the absolute sweethearts who have kept the blog stat counter going when I wasn’t around. You know who you are, and I love you all:)

I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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  1. damyantig

    Now that I know for sure that my connection will not drop while I am halfway through responding to a comment, let me thank you all.

    Darc, Your welcome was a little early, I couldn’t manage to upload a post before today:)

    Annie, yes, Malaysian service sector SUCKS! If Canada is anything like this, it is pretty bad.

    Kym, thanks for being such a loyal reader. I really don’t think I deserve it.

    Ovidia, it feels great to be missed:)

    Indigo, I suppose I could tell you all about it on email:)

    LBW, I don’t know about Singapore lit revival, but I do agree that you do need a sense of humor to live in strait-laced Singapore. This is a country where there are notices on building playground: Children must keep the noise down while playing. Thanks for thinking of me

    Rick, Thanks for wondering, and it feels so good to be back!

    Lofter, you ARE such a good friend:). But now that I have my own broadband, *throws up her hands in the air and does a jiggle*, I think I will pass!

  2. Lofter

    Fear not, my friend. Texas isn’t that far from Malaysia… feel free to drop by and use my computer any time you want. 😀

  3. lactatingbookworm

    Yay! I went to a talk /luncheon the other day where there were quite a few Singaporean writers, and a publisher. There’s supposed to be quite a lit revival in Singapore these days. One question that came up was about why these writers had so much humour in their writing. One guy had a great answer and said it was because of how multicultural your society is and when you have so many different people living in the one place, you need that humour. But he also attributed it to Malayan culture which he said was quite quirky and laid back.
    I thought about you during this talk as you’re the only Singaporean writer I know of!

  4. indigobunting

    I’m almost relieved that I’m not too far behind here, because I am so far behind in my blog reading. So much yet I haven’t figured out about your life…moving from Singapore to Malaysia…what brings about the travel…etc. etc. Fascinating.

  5. DarcKnyt

    Welcome back, Damyanti. I was away for a time too. It’s good to see you back and writing.

    Even if it’s about not writing. 😉