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Writing about small homes and cosinessI have been writing in my older posts that I have shifted to a new country, but the important bit also is that I have shifted to a new home.

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and I realized that I do not want a big apartment, smaller is cosier.

It brings people together, it keeps a family more in touch with each other. It requires less cleaning effort, and is more convenient. If I want a cup of tea when I am on my balcony, it should not involve such a walk to the kitchen that I stop wanting the tea altogether! These people seem to have hit on the right idea:)

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  1. elybessy

    I have been living in a big apartment because I think my husband and I need space and privacy, but when I was a child I enjoyed vacations in a caravan (camper) with my family. What beautiful trips we had in it! It’s true that a smaller space gives a cosier atmosphere and above all I used to get the feeling of being in a doll’s house.

  2. damyantig

    Yes the house in the photo is cool. I have always loved small houses, I wish I had one like that:) Annie, how old is your daughter? I was fifteen before I realized that my childhood home was very small:)