Writing About My Visitors

Writing welcomeWhile writing on my blog, the last thing on my mind is the number of visitors I have.

This blog started more or less as a writing discipline, something to do and do well every day, and I guess it has often deviated from that. I am determined, more than ever, not to use it as a personal rant blog, nor for the more profession-related stuff.

Though I am not exactly bothered about the number of visitors I receive, I long for comments. I like to hear what other people have to say, sometimes I hate the idea of a post being found on a search, glanced at, and discarded. I love it when I find the same people on my blog time and again, it gives me a sense of community which is so reassuring. It is also a motivator when someone appreciates what I am doing on my blog, reminds me I got to move ass and write everyday, because it is so shameful when a visitor returns to find a stale post.

If I was given a wish for my blog, it would be this: Let there be ten visitors to my blog a day, and ten comments, rather than a hundred visitors a day and two comments.


I love comments, and I always visit back. Blogging is all about being a part of a community, and communities are about communication! Tweet me up @damyantig !

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  1. damyantig


    You are a regular visitor, and I know you would comment if you can!

    I also know lurkers mean no harm, but it would be soooo good to hear from them:)

    Annie, you are right on both counts, and I feel and do the same. It is just that it is frustrating to have 50 visitors and 2 comments. But there’s life for you!

  2. anniegirl1138

    I understand. A whole day can go by with a much read piece and not a word from my viewers.

    I am guilty at times of reading and not commenting because I feel I have nothing to add and that a three or four word line will be viewed as trite.

  3. DarcKnyt

    I’m only too happy to comment when I can, Damyanti. I just can’t always do it. My time at home is so tightly limited, and my work hours are for … well, work. But I always try to read what you write.

    Lurkers mean well too. I know — one of the lurkers on my page has become a wonderful friend because she finally got the courage up to leave a note. I hope this post causes something similar for you. 🙂

  4. damyantig


    Thanks Ovidia:)…….When I asked for comments, I did not mean you.

    When you stop by, you usually talk, a part of the reassuring community I talked about.

    It is just that I’d like to hear from everyone who visits, more often….greedy, right?

  5. Ovidia

    one comment 🙂

    by the way reading & not commenting doesn’t necessary mean ‘glanced & discarded’. With me visiting here it can be either 1) triggered to go do something immediately or 2) dreamy agreement, not wanting to spoil the mood for others with an inane comment… like this one comment one comment thing I’m doing to you now.
    & yes–I will be back, till you go ‘please leave some space for other comments!’