Writing about being happy

Writing happiness
Writing happiness

Writing about being happy is not something I have been doing much of lately. It is mostly rants on the anonymous blog I have started  (won’t link to it, naturally, lol).

But today I am happy, and was happy writing. That is a rare thing for me. It is a blessing, and I am busy being grateful!

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  1. Bruce Deniger

    being happy is the main thing one can have and i can say, the one who is happy is actually blessed.In spite of all the problems we face in our day to day life, to be is actually a difficult task.

  2. asherose

    Hello! I’m glad you’re happy today. It’s not always easy!

    You spoke to me on my chat doodad about critiques. I’d love to set up an exchange and see if we do well. Please contact me at asherose (at) earthlink (dot) net so we can get started! Thanks very much 🙂