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Abhinav Bindra
Writing about Winning: Abhinav Bindra

Writing about sports is not something I do often, or have perhaps ever done on this blog or any other. But for the first time in years, I am proud to stand up and say I am an Indian, as Abhinav Bindra today gave India her first individual Olympic gold ever.

When the blinding display of the opening ceremony was on, I was home with a few good friends and declared that India would again go home without a medal….and today I was so happy to be proved wrong. It is a great feeling, especially when you are away from your country to see your countryman do you proud!

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  1. anniegirl1138

    I am not a fan of the Olympics. Most Americans though take the gold medal for granted to the point that they feel insulted when other countries win.

    It’s not a healthy form of pride

    Perhaps the achievement means more when it is not seen as a right but as something that is earned through hard work.

    Congrats to you countryman.